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Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms. Your goal will be quite challenging as you will have to save the Universe from its evil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will be facing an increasingly large number of enemies in hazardous environments. As the game progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity.
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Oct 15, 2022
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Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK:

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK, one of the top shooting games of all time, has become a classic for many years. This game is produced by ONESOFT, a video game studio well known for its top-charting titles. The game is renowned for its wide variety of spacecraft as well. The players can distinguish between friendly and hostile ships. But that just represents the subtle differences between the two sides’ appearances, skill sets and functions.

This game puts you in the role of the savior. You are the crew’s lone survivor, and it is your job to defend the planet from aliens, as per the plot of the game. You become the planet’s only real hope because, sadly, all of your comrades died during the war. You must eliminate all of the targets and bring about peace on the path that the game leads you on. Your abilities and skills can be put to the test in the game’s demanding situations. In the war, either you fire or you are fired at.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK

Additionally, beating the top score is typically your major objective. Even in the present, this game with a traditional theme is able to keep you engaged. Players may thrill in exploring the numerous distinctive spaces in the game with dynamic arcade gaming. This game isn’t challenging or complex. The aliens who stand in your way must all be shot down.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK is just like the typical alien shooting game with a positive twist. Some aliens and powerful bosses will try shooting you down. You merely need to walk ahead, avoid danger, and then strike the opponents as you get closer to them.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Apk Download:

You can download the Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Apk absolutely free on the mobile device with the given link. You have to  use the mod apk to get all of the game’s features. 

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Apk Mod:

Infact users can experience the greatest shooting! Now users can download Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Apk MOD to take advantage of free shopping and unlimited money. This game can be played without interruption by ads or even in-app buys. The user won’t need to wait for long durations to enjoy the various game modes and difficulties. At the beginning of the game, players can play in any mode. 

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Mod Apk all unlocked

Although it is a free game, there are enough in-game purchases and ads that you may find annoying as you take on the missions. As a result, to add interest to the game, players of Galaxy Attack will also discover that they may enjoy our fully unlocked game on their devices.  You simply have to download the Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK from our given link and install it. You have to make sure that mod apk is installed correctly by following the given instructions, and you’re ready to play. Now you can enjoy having unlimited money, no ads, and many other fun activities.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter gameplay:

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK is a thrilling shooting game.  You will be given a straightforward control system to use during the fight. The craftsmen will continuously discharge an unlimited number of bullets. But that’s on you; it can’t just move on its own. To take control, simply touch and hold the screen. The game also provides players with a wide variety of game types, including boss raids, 1 versus 1 and 3 versus 3. The large prize will be yours if you succeed in achieving your goal.

However, space is full of risk since there are so many destructive monsters there, and your mission is to completely wipe them off. Even if the duty may feel overwhelming, teammates may still be of great assistance. It is recommended to move and avoid getting too near to the aliens in the game. Instead, make a sideways movement to give yourself freedom to escape when an alien comes to strike.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK

Levels, Missions and Challenges:

You may take part in and accomplish more than 160 missions and activities. Your skills will be enhanced, and you’ll receive various gems and resources to help you succeed. You can fight opponents in boss matches, multiplayer battles, and more game modes.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter tips:

Utilizing Terminator (assuming you get it Upgraded) is more successful even against Shadow Cobra, weekly World Boss than using Legendary, which is often the highest powerful ship.This is because the Evolved strike of Terminator can quickly apply maximum damage on Shadow Cobra due to the way destruction from shots is implemented.

Additionally, that attack also diverts shots at the upper and front sides, thus when combined with Terminator’s standard Shield, the user will get more infinite lives frames than when using Legendary or rare weapons. Using this strategy, you may easily earn the 400000 points required for such rewards.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter codes:

You can get Newcomer Gift Code by clicking the Menu button within the bottom left side of the Homepage, followed by Gift Code and then Gift Code again (now, the button will appear in the bottom mid of the pop-up). Now you have to input this Gift Code within the corresponding field.

The following procedure is valid since the game’s version 7.03  on Android. You have to click the Star Icon on the game’s Homepage, then click the “Gift Code” and enter “dkmzxy” as Newcomer Gift code. Now you have to repeat the procedure, but this time substitute the Valentine Gift Code rather than the Newcomer.

You can keep alternating between both of them and doing so continuously will let you gather resources considerably faster. It should be noted that this only works as long as there are two active Gift Codes in the game; if any one of them is gone, the trick will no longer function, however if a new code is added, the trick will resume by combining the Newcomer code with the new code.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter ships:

You play the game using ships and fighting aliens as you go through space levels. In the game,  you will often unlock the ships and earn currency during this process, however you won’t be able to purchase them until you’ve reached a particular level 2. Both Wisdom Glory and Pulse Blast are accessible from the beginning of the game. On reaching a level 2, Hurricane Hawk will become available. At  level 10 unlocking Thunder Blade will cost you 20,000 coins.

When you reach level 18, Light Phantom becomes available and costs 35000 coins. At level 25, Sound Breaker can be unlocked for 60000 coins. At level 33, Phantom Assassin will become available, and it costs 100000 coins. When you are at level 41, you can use 180 gems to access Pirate King. With 320 diamonds, Terminator may be unlocked at level 57. When you reach level 71, you can purchase 50 legendary tickets to unlock Legendary.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Drones:

You may help yourself in the levels by picking up drones, which are extra side ships. As they fall down, you have to pick these drones. You usually don’t start the level with drones but there are some missions In which drones are used particularly. Moreover, there must be 10 Drone Tickets with 2000 Coins or 10 Legendary Tokens in order to unlock Alien Mercenacy. In order to use Bot ERA-7, you must unlock Alien Mercenacy + 20 Drone Tickets + 5000 Coins OR 20 Legendary Tokens. By unlocking Bot ERA-7, 30 Drone Tickets, 10,000 Coins, or 30 Legendary Tokens, Rush Fighter may be obtained. If you unlock Rush Fighter + 40 Drone Tickets + 17000 Coins or 40 Legendary Tokens, you can access Death Light.

Simply unlock Death Light + 50 Drone Tickets + 26000 Coins Or 50 Legendary Tokens to obtain Thunder Spirit. In order to obtain NEO Frost, You must unlock Thunder Spirit, 60 Drone Tickets, 37,000 Coins, or 60 Legendary Tokens. In order to obtain Titan Wings, you must unlock NEO Frost, 70 drone tickets, 50,000 coins, or 70 legendary tokens.  You must first unlock Titan Wings + 80 Drone Tickets + 70000 Coins or 80 Legendary Tokens in order to obtain Suicide Shark. In order to get Bomb Master,  Suicide Shark + 90 Drone Tickets + 100000 Coins or 90 Legendary Tokens must be unlocked. You must unlock Bomb Master, 100 Drone Tickets, 150000 Coins, or 100 Legendary Tokens if you want to obtain Captain Galaxy.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter cheats:

User’s ships are randomly selected at the start of matches during the event of Random Ship and then you can hold a ship you want. After you have got that ship, now you have to press the button of “Replay” after a match is over. The system will help you in finding a new opponent even if your current one exits the room and you will have the same ship as well.

Moreover, your opponent will be having that ship too. This is helpful if you already got the Galaxy Thunder Blade Skin, which is a rare skin at this time. This skin includes the quick-win side effect of “Send a hazardous gift to the enemy,” which many players are unable to handle.

Although Special Events are challenging to complete and don’t even provide much money to spend on special rewards. However, there is an alternative, you just have to save your game in the  settings after playing the event as much as you’d like. After saving the game, now close it forcefully and go to the Settings. Now tap the System/General Management icon and then click the button of Date and Time. Now select “Automatic date and time” and then just go back two months to the previous date.

Now you have to enter the game again and wait for it to complete the changes. You can repeat this process as much as you like by forcing the game to close and going to the old section in the settings of your device, and then turning on Automatic date and time. This event will be reset to the first level, but you will have all the currency that you received in the event. 

It may be noted that the highest rewards from the event have hidden levels that you must reach in order to purchase them. Although if you are at low level and still have enough cash in the event to purchase the rewards. The game will inform you that you are still too low level and will also prevent you from purchasing the items. 

You have to beat the last Level when you want to attempt this glitch. Since this glitch won’t work if you finish the event by defeating Level 20.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter pc:

Follow the below mentioned instructions to download the Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK game to your PC.

  • Download BlueStacks and install it on your PC.
  • Register with your Google account. 
  • Install Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter by clicking the given link.
  • To start the game, click the  Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter button on the homepage.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Hack:

To hack this game and have fun playing it with unlimited coins and gems for free, you must install the project makeover mod on your device. 

  • Download and install Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter mod apk.
  • See the instructions on your screen and complete the process.
  • When it gets installed completely, open the application MOD apk to enjoy the resources that are free and unlimited.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Guide:

We’ll teach you how to survive this massive galaxy war and how you can win your fights in this guide. Read our instructions given below if you want to become a better pilot.

You will have a variety of options in this game on how you may spend your gold. These include things like boosting your ships, purchasing new ships, picking up new skills and several more things. It depends on you which one you want to purchase. Yes, many of these will be helpful, however let us warn you right away that learning new skills is risky. You can receive anything totally useless for example you get the drone upgrades when there are no drones at all. You can also get something that has no long-term effect on your performance.

It’s also not a great idea to spend your cash on new ships because you don’t actually start the game with that new ship you buy. You simply have a better chance of getting it like a drop.

Crystals are equally as significant as gold. In this game, getting crystals is simple. Saving crystals for when you actually need them will help you immensely. By achieving goals and engaging in PvP will give you crystals occasionally. You should focus on improving the basic three ships and keep your crystals for more lives rather than using all resources to buy better ships or get more gold using crystals. While missing any fancy weapons, such first three ships will however take you a long way with sufficient upgrades.

In any war, dodging is an important survival technique. Any shooter will stay thrilling and engaging if you can dodge. You may use the nice little method provided by this game to avoid all types of approaching enemy fire. Despite being wider and larger than the ships in the fleet of the hostile aliens, your ships are not entirely at risk. Your ships will just actually explode if they are struck exactly in the middle. You should be able to dodge enemy fire in this small space. Your ship won’t be harmed if such bullets miss your wings or its nose.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK

However, if anything strikes you directly in the middle, you will get a magnificent view of the entire galaxy surrounding you and the opposing fleet teasing you for missing their shots if you suffer a direct hit. Sometimes you also need to keep an eye on yourself. You have to keep moving the ship forward as a group of opposing ships approaches you from behind, and now check their patterns. One of the several pilot attackers in the game is called Collision.

During an asteroid wave, you may also try dodging. Some asteroids break up into smaller, unbreakable pieces. Although it may be difficult to spot these pieces, if you keep an eye on the asteroids’ motion, you will be capable of moving away from them without any issue.

On the other side, bullets can be more complicated. Although the enemy’s standard bullets are yellow, bright rockets that move in such a straight direction, laser bolts are often fired by them to kill you so that you can be eliminated quickly. Either these bolts go straight ahead or approach your ship. So you have to be really careful as following your ship is really dangerous.

Only enemies with tiny, red, pulsing auras will fire red laser bolts at you. The red bombs are another deadly bullets. These large rockets distribute a shockware after they are exploded in more tough situations, and this shockware stays. You will die if you even touch them.Manage to squeeze between the bullets  to increase the damage output rather than making broad and rapid movements to escape enemy fire. When you fire back at the enemy, you are kind of dodging their fire. You can eventually kill them with this strategy.

In this game, greed is the pilot’s death sentence. It should be your first goal to destroy the enemy fleet. You should try to be as patient and prudent as you can. Ignore everything you can get that is in an area that is too risky. Since losing a life in this game isn’t exactly a little problem, surviving is always more necessary than losing your ship to obtain the one object. You can revive using crystals, gold and by watching an ad.

A screen with a variety of items known as boosters will be displayed to you in the beginning of the game . Your chances of success will rise if you purchase any of them. For example, increasing your chances of finding both super modes and ship upgrades can be done by the 1st two boosters. You have to spend gold to use these boosters.

Your shots have a straight direction, however there is a technique you may use to combine these together for more damage. This tactic can work on a few ships. This tactic will be helpful in using the basic three ships. Lightly move your ship forward as you let it fire at the opposing fleet, then quickly bring it back to its normal position. Your shots will gather and converge as a result, producing a brief blast of damage toward any opponents hit. By doing this, you might be able to quickly destroy all of the enemy’s dangerous ships and consume their fleet.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Cards:

The Cards System was replaced with the Talent System. Although you can still receive the same benefits, there are new ways to get them. The Talent System is the button that is directly just above the “Chest and Spin” button on the game’s Home Screen. 

In fact, the best card is Power Up. Even the in-game help observes that the Platinum version of this card is the player’s favorite; sadly, the developers have removed its version of Platinum in the Clan Shop. This card enables you to initiate from a higher level of bullet, offering you a major benefit. So, you may either obtain it through the Matrix or earn it in an event.

Another top card is the damage card. This card is certainly what users should select next. This card is still in the Clan Shop, also its Platinum version. Increasing damage is technically done by the Power Up Card and also by this card.

Generally Super Time, Lucky Ship, Drone Lifetime and Drone Damage must assist you, especially like a single player mostly. Although Evolve Time is extremely good. It also fully depends on how far ahead you are in evolving your ships. So it fully depends on how far ahead your ships are evolving.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Online:

You can play this game Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter APK Shooter online for free on GamePix. You don’t have to install it because it is in HTML5. So you can even start your game now!

What's new

- Prepare for mini event: Drone Force
- Fix some bugs



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