Full Reward List Of 2nd Elite Pass in [Garena Free Fire Apk]

Full Reward List Of 2nd Elite Pass in Garena Free Fire

The second world-class pass was the most extraordinary tip-top pass in the free-fire game. This world-class pass came into the game on 1 July 2018. The name of the second world-class pass was “Hip Hop,” and the most well-known Hip bounce pack was accessible in this tip-top pass.

In the present article, we will investigate which Rewards were accessible around then in free fire season 2 world-class pass. Additionally, we will share their name, subtleties, and some more.

Garena free fire is presently one of the quickest extending games universally. This incredible fight regal game was dispatched on 23 August 2017. Later some time, the prominence of this game began expanding on account of its new component known as world-class pass.

What is Free Fire Elite Pass?

Garena brought the Battle Pass, known as the Elite Pass, the framework into Free Fire in June 2018. Each Pass goes on for a month before another one has its spot in the game – and the cycle proceeds. This framework rewards players with plenty of things, going from selective groups, skins to acts out, and consumables.

Garena Free Fire all Elite Passes should be gotten with Diamonds however many individuals are mishandling Free Fire first-class pass hacks. Kindly adhere to the guidelines of the game as you will most likely get the venture back. We should investigate Free Fire all Elite Passes prizes and memory on the excursion up until this point.

Rewards Index of 2nd Elite Pass In Free Fire

  1. Male person T-shirt

The primary thing which was there around than in this incredible tip-top pass was a male person T-shirt. This shirt is the most significant male person shirt in the free fire.

  1. Symbol

The subsequent thing was Hip-bounce planned symbol. There was a sum of 4 symbols In this entire tip-top pass. At 135 identifications, you will see another symbol with a shading mix of orange and blue.

  1. Rucksack

Then, at that point, the following prize was an enormous and fabulous knapsack. This rucksack was as old as a standard knapsack yet had finished examples. At 175 identifications, there was another rucksack, and this knapsack is not quite the same as the primary knapsack. This knapsack has a construction of a furious hen and is shaded in red and white. Additionally, this rucksack is referred to as the most uncommon knapsack as this is perhaps the most seasoned knapsack.

  1. Gold coins

The fourth award in the season 2 tip top pass was gold coins. There were 1000 gold coins accessible in this tip-top relax. Gold coins are typical money in a free fire, and every tip-top pass gives at least 500 Gold coins.

  1. Plunder box skin

Then, at that point, the following award was a cool plunder box named Boombox. This skin of plunder box is one of the most uncommon plunder enclose skins the free fire. There was another pink-shaded plunder confine at the 95 identifications the world-class pass.

  1. Parachute skin

From that point onward, the following award was a pink-shaded parachute skin for certain astounding examples. Additionally, at 145 identifications, there was another parachute with a dark, dim blue, and red shading mix. Numerous players utilize this parachute skin.

  1. Surfboard skin

The seventh compensation in this world-class pass was a surfboard with some white-hued concealed. An incredible logo has likewise been imprinted on that surfboard which means FF, and this logo makes this surfboard more alluring. At 185 identifications, there was another surfboard with a fabulous purple and sky blue shading blend. This surfboard was straightforward and didn’t have any examples on it.

  1. Female person T-shirt

The following prize available in this first-class pass was a young lady character shirt that looked amazing. This incredible shirt has a mix of pink and purple tones and has some remarkable hip-bounce designs.

  1. Female person pack

As a 125 identifications reward, there was a fabulous female person group. This female person pack was available with a facial covering, shirt, pants, and a couple of shoes. This pack is probably the most uncommon heap of free fire.

  1. Male person pack

The last and last thing of this season 2 tip top pass was a male person group. Players could gain this hip-jump outfit of the male person at the time by gathering 200 identifications. This pack was accessible with a cap, shirt with a gold chain trimming, pants, and a couple of straightforward shoes.



Would we be able to gift a tip-top pass in the free fire?

No, you can’t gift an Elite pass in the free fire to anybody straightforwardly. All things being equal, you can send 599 Diamonds to the individual you are intending to give the Elite Pass, and that individual can purchase the Elite Pass from these 599 Diamonds.

How to get the subsequent tip-top pass in the free fire?

You can’t buy this season 2 tip top sit back limit for its buy has lapsed. The season 42 world-class pass is right now available to be purchased in the free fire game. To buy the world-class pass, you can get it.

How might I get a free tip-top pass on Free Fire?

The Elite pass should be purchased in-game, and henceforth clients might acquire the Free Fire Elite Pass for 499 Diamonds. They may likewise buy the Elite Bundle in the game for 999 Diamonds. It isn’t openly accessible by any authoritative sources. You can have limits on precious stones tp-up on different dependable locales like Games Kharido.

What number of tip-top passes in the free fire?

Another Elite pass is delivered by Garena at the beginning of every month. Starting today i.e., October first, 2021, there are a sum of 41 Elite passes in Free Fire.


Wrapping Up

Players who have been playing Free Fire beginning around 2018 have a lot of recollections joined to this Elite Pass, and this article is additionally composed to invigorate those recollections. We can’t bring that time back, yet we can partake at that point again by taking a gander at these prizes. That time was a brilliant time for Free Fire players because numerous things were accessible free of charge in Free Fire. Presently cash must be spent to get everything.

The hip-jump heap of this Elite Pass is being preferred by many individuals nowadays, and numerous players are requesting Garena bring this group again in the game.



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