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App Name FL Studio Mobile Mod APK
File Size 220 MB
Version V3.5.0
Requirement 4.3 and Above
Last Updated Feb, 2021

In this booming era, listening to music is an essential part of our daily life. However, only a few people are those who can live without music. Currently, the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) category is the trendiest in young people’s music.

You can comprehend that EDM music festivals will be bigger and bigger and much more substantial than before. You often like to listen to music every day, and many people desire to produce such music themselves. Playing an instrument on your own is definitely not very simple, even creating a complete piece of music that is even more difficult. They have to use various instruments, make songs, record the songs, and even do many other things to accomplish.

As it’s a part of the creative aspect, the singers and the musicians sometimes used mobile apps to record the songs’ small pieces. So, are you also one of them who desires to create thrilling music for your songs on a smartphone? And don’t want to spend a single penny on track?

Obviously, it’s challenging finding out such kind of smartphone app which can fulfill our requirement. Even though, when you go through Google Play Store, you will find a ton of apps, but you will be unable to judge an application, and suddenly your head will spin while looking up.

FL Studio Mobile Mod APK

Don’t have to go anywhere — we have gathered some valuable information and intensely researched in this article that can help out to find the best music studio-related android app.

FL Studio Mobile

FruityLoops Studio Mobile (FL Studio Mobile) an awesome app from the developer of Image-Line. Initially, it was developed for PC users, but afterward, it was available on the iOS version and marked the mobile platform’s successful outcomes.

Newly, the developer has legally released FL Studio Mobile for the Android version. FL Studio Mobile is an exceedingly familiar name for those who urge producing exciting and catchy music independently. In fact, many people are prosperous, and it is also one of the most valued applications for professional and amateur people.

More importantly, FL Studio Mobile comprises 133 musical instruments, beats and drums. So, users can develop a comprehensive song from ongoing sounds. These sounds are so contrastive that your composition will always be unique.

Currently, this app is not entirely available for free on IOS and Android versions. If you want to buy the FL Studio Mobile, you can find out on the Google Play Store app or browse the app page via a web browser, but you have to buy FL Studio Mobile at $14.99.

FL Studio Mobile Mod APK

First of all, you would have to know about the Mod. Generally, a modded version offers you premium service to privilege these chunks of features without paying any single penny. This Mod APK includes thousands of premium features, and you can explore their more advanced feature effortlessly — no one can stop you from your own product music with your own beat.


Features of FL Studio Mobile

  • High-quality sampler, synthesizers, sliced-loop beats and drum kits.
  • Step controller for fast rhythm section programming.
  • Adapting virtual piano-keyboard & Drumpads.
  • Class responsive MIDI controller help. Play instruments and connect to sliders/knobs.
  • Support MIDI file import and Export (Single-track or Multi-track).
  • Track-length stem, audio recording.
  • Browse test and presets with pitch-able preview.
  • Release, pan, volume and attack time configurable per instrument.
  • High-quality audio engine.
  • Mixer: Solo, pan, per-track mute, effect bus and volume adjustment.
  • Effects include Compressor, Parametric Equalizer, Auto Ducker, Chorus, Limiter, Distortion, Graphic Equalizer, Flanger, Reverb, Delays, Stereoizer to enhance your mix, High-Pass/Low-Pass/Band-Pass/Formant (Vox) Filters and Phaser.
  • Piano roll editor to enter chords & notes or to alter recorded performances.
  • The intuitive screen framework is configurable to work with all screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Save and load your songs, and export to WAV and MP3.
  • Able to share your songs through sync to other Mobile 3 devices/installations.
  • Wirelessly divides project data with other FL Studio Mobile, Android, iOS and Windows App instances
  • Chromebook support & Full-screen DeX.

MOD Features

FL Studio Mobile Mod Apk leads all the features for free of cost. It provides basically the following features.

  • Free Of Cost.
  • All The Assets Unlocked
  • 100% Free To Download.
  • All The Pro Features Unlocked.
  • No Ads.

What’s New in FL Studio Mobile MOD APK?

  • Cloud backup (Google Drive and OneDrive).
  • Cut groups for drum tracks.
  • Step repeat for Step sequencer.
  • Stretch and start samples for drum tracks.

FL Studio Mobile APK lets you produce and track multi-track music projects on your phone, beat your music, and without any hurdle, it adds another instrument to your music projects.


Why should I need to download FL Studio Mobile Mod APK?

 FL Studio Mobile Mod APK is a modified version that is free of cost having all premium features.

How to install FL Studio Mobile APK?

Initially, you have to download the FL Studio Mobile APK file. And before installing, you have to go to the setting’s option to permit your device from “unknown devices” on your Android device.

Is FL Studio Mobile APK Free Download Safe To Download?

Yes. You can FL Studio Mobile APK Free Download, which is 100% safe. There will be no more junky ads.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, this application has a user-friendly and easy-to-use touch-screen interface. The features are set up in an inherent way that drives it simple for users to find out. You can take the privilege of numerous tools to record, edit, sequence, render, and mix complete songs. If you are a music lover and have not tried yet, you are definitely missing out on something interesting. Just you have to download FL Studio Mobile Android APK from this article — at least try it once, afterwards, you will definitely love it!

FL Studio Mobile Mod APK Review
  • FL Studio Mobile Mod APK


More importantly, FL Studio Mobile Mod APK comprises 133 musical instruments, beats and drums. So, users can develop a comprehensive song from ongoing sounds. These sounds are so contrastive that your composition will always be unique.

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