FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk

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What is FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk is an action-adventure game where you can choose a character and play in the same world. You will be able to fight with other characters, use powerful magic spells, and explore the world as you like.FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite is a Role Playing Game (RPG) for Android and iOS devices. The game is based on the popular manga, Fairy Tail. In this game, you will play as one of the members of the Fairy Tail guild and fight against your enemies using spells and magic.FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite is an action role-playing game developed by Capcom and published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.

App Name FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk
File Size
4.4 and up
Last Updated
May 26, 2021

The game was released on March 28, 2019 for Android devices.FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. The player can buy items by using real money or earn them by playing the game.The gameplay of FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite is similar to other games like Monster Hunter and Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle with some noticeable differences.The player takes control of one of their favorite characters from the series and fights against other players in real time battles. They can also fight against NPCs from the series or join an online guild to take down powerful bosses together.


In this game FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk players will have to create a team of five members and then fight other players online. The gameplay consists of both single-player story mode and multiplayer online battles against other players. You can choose any character from the Fairy Tail universe for your team, including Natsu Dragneel Erza Scarlet (The Titania) Gray Fullbuster (Ice Make Mage), Wendy Marvell Sky Dragon Slayer.FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite is a role-playing game where you will get to play as favorite characters from the anime series.The gameplay is similar to that of other RPG games such as Dragon Ball Legends and Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle where you have to fight against enemies using special skills, combos and powerful attacks.

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk

Playing this game will give you an opportunity to experience what it feels like to be part of the Fairy Tail guild!FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite is a fighting game with three-on-three battles. Each character has unique abilities and attacks, so you’ll need to use them wisely in order to defeat your enemies. You can also collect summons by completing missions or buying them with in-game currency.The game features hundreds of different magic spells and abilities, which you can use to customize your party’s strategy in the heat of battle.


The FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk game features over 200 stages that you can play. In addition, there are more than 10 different worlds for you to explore. The graphics in the game are very nice, thanks to its high quality sound effects and music tracks that have been designed especially for this game.Fairy Tail: Forces Unite is an action role-playing game. The game features a story mode, multiplayer mode, and PVP mode. In the story mode, you can control your favorite characters and fight against your enemies.

  • Recruit and train the most powerful wizards guild in the world in the newest action-packed RPG from the creators of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.
  • Explore a vast world, filled with magic and mystery!
  • Collect and summon over 400 different characters to form the strongest team!
  • Summon your favorite characters from Fairy Tail, Avatar : The Last Airbender, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach and more!
  • Train your heroes to be the best they can be by leveling up their abilities and upgrading their equipment!
  • Create an academy for young wizards where you will train them in various classes. Teach them how to use magic properly so that they can grow into powerful mages!

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money/Energy.
  • No Ads.
  • Auto Win Battles.
  • Unlock All Characters

How to download and install:

Step 1: Download and install the Apk file of the modded version of FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite on your Android device.

Step 2: Open the apk file and click on “Install”.

Step 3: You will see an error message that says “Installation error” or “FAILED TO INSTALL”. Please ignore this error message and continue with the next steps.

Step 4: Open your device settings, go to security > allow Unknown sources (under Device Administration). If you don’t see unknown sources under Device Administration, then go to Security and enable Unknown Sources in Security Settings.

Step 5: Go back to settings, open application manager and find FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk. Tap on it, then tap on storage (under App info). Now click the Force Stop button and then again tap on storage and select the Clear data button. Now again tap on the Force Stop button and exit from the application manager.Now restart your device and open Google play store again. Search for FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite apk and click on Install button.


The FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk game has been out for over a year now and we’ve received lots of feedback from our players. We’re happy to announce that we’ve listened to your requests and made some major improvements to the game.We’ve added a new character, Redfox, who will help you during your adventure. You’ll also be able to unlock new skills for your characters by playing through the storyline. Plus, we’ve added a new feature called “Magic Stones” which will let you use special powers in battle!We hope you enjoy this update and we’re excited to continue bringing you more content in future updates.

The game FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk takes place after the events of the anime and follows the adventures of Natsu and his friends. You can play as Natsu and other characters from the series in this action-packed game. The game features an engaging storyline that takes you through many different locations in Fiore, such as Magnolia Town and Mount Hakobe.FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk has a large cast of characters from the series, including Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet.


Q: Is this game free-to-play?

A: Yes FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk you can play all of the game’s content without spending any money.

Q: Is this game free?

A: Yes, the FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite Apk is free to download but some in-app purchases are available. If you want to get all the items available in the game, then you need to pay some money to unlock them.

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