FaceApp Pro MOD APK (PREMIUM UNLOCKED) – Latest Version

App Name FaceApp Pro MOD APK
File Size 31 MB
Version 4.3.2
Requirement 4.1 and Above
Last Updated Jan, 2021

There are several ways to induce sensationalism amongst your relatives or friends on social media. Do you urge to swap your face with any big celebrity that you like? Or somehow, are you thinking of becoming a big movie star?

Apparently, everything is possible because of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Undoubtedly, you must be aware of AI, which is increasing day by day. Generally, AI can simulate the human intelligence or human brain and convert into machines by programming codes or language to think like humans and imitate their actions.

Significantly, many IOS and Android applications are utilizing AI technologies into their Face swap apps like Reflect, Celebrity FaceSwap, Cupace, Toolwiz, Face28 and many, and many other applications are trending these days. But most of them has limited features on the free version.

FaceApp Pro MOD APK

Meanwhile, scrolling your desired swap face app, you must be searching for an app with all the premium features you want and don’t want to spend money on the app. But while using any face swap app, you can raise a question about violating your privacy by sending your face to the app?

However, in this article, we will talk about all-in-one suit features using AI technologies to the next level and keep in mind the privacy policy or cybersecurity issues that can fulfil your demand with fantastic fun.


FaceApp is a renowned mobile photo-editing application. This app uses AI technologies to change your face by swapping your gender, changing hairstyles and colour, beard style. Moreover, it can change your current face expression and make you thin, fat, sad, smile, and will make you experience ginormous features.

If you’re using social network such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and much more, we’re sure you’ve met an app that can edit your images and make you look older or younger. Yes, the app we highly recommend you; is FaceApp – which is one of the most remarkable editing tools in the world right now.

FaceApp Pro

With a huge number of users, FaceApp is constantly improved and updated. Although Faceapp application has limited mobile editing features with limited features on the free version. However, If you are looking for premium features that include varieties filters, you can download the FaceApp Pro by paying $3.99 a month to use the extended features.

Nevertheless, if you wish to have all premium features free of cost; we are referring you to FaceApp Pro Mod APK download. Are you worried about this app’s subscription or cost? Don’t worry, here you can download this version without spending a single penny.

FaceApp Pro Mod APK

This application is user-friendly with many unique photo filters with an inherent display interface that challenges to make you feel delighted. What are you waiting for? — Quickly download FaceApp Pro Mod APK link below and experience the premium features now.

Features of FaceApp Pro Mod APK

Use a terrific set of AI filters, effects, backgrounds, and other tools to provide an endless and photorealistic edit in one app. Undoubtedly, You will never have to waste your time on photoshop!

1.    Photo Editor:

  • Perfect your selfies with Impression filters.
  • Add a beard or moustache.
  • Change your hair colour and hairstyle.
  • Add volume to your hair.
  • Try hot & trendy makeup filters.
  • Use creative light effects.
  • Remove acne and blemishes.
  • Smooth wrinkles.
  • Easily enlarge or minimize facial features.
  • Try out the different colour lens.

2.    Video Editor:

  • You can use favourite filters in video mode as well.
  • Apply filters to obtaining recordings to enhance your portrait filming.
  • Have fun with live-action editing.

3.    Some Advanced Features:

  • You can easily access all the pro tools available in the FaceApp that don’t need to be paid using the FaceApp Pro Mod APK.
  • FaceApp A.I. auto adjust tool can automatically fix all the personalization for presenting the best version of that picture in front of you.
  • You will also receive a lot of sticker assets with free access in the FaceApp Pro APK. You can add tattoos on the skin or face.
  • One of the brilliant features of FaceApp is its smile adjustment tool. You can easily enhance a smile in a photo or can also edit the face upset damn comfortably. You will get a total of 5 varieties of smile customization.
  • Apart from using exceptional filters, you can also use its background feature and add an appropriate background to the face or the image. Must use this feature at least once, and it will blow your mind.
  • At last, we’ll discuss its makeup tool. Makeup tool is one of the most desired tools by most of the females from this app. Basically, the Makeup tool inside this app consists of over ten different customizations like Matte, Glossy, Dark, Bright, Dark, Matte, and much more.
  • One of the best features of the FaceApp is removing the FaceApp watermark from the image without paying a single penny. It’s a brilliant feature of the FaceApp since watermarks can reduce the professionalism in a photo.

How does FaceApp Mod APK Works?

Well, you can simply use this free Mod APK version in Android version by following these below steps.

  • At first, download FaceApp Pro Mod APK, and it takes a few minutes to be done.
  • The Mod version is unlocked. So, you can easily use all the premium features of this Mod APK. The application is absolutely secure, which you can download from the Google Play Store.
  • Before installing this app, you have to allow your device with an “unknown source” by setting your mobile option.
  • After finishing the installation, it’s time to edit your face image by capturing a recent photo, or you can find an image from the gallery for editing.
  • Then stirs the image with a frame that should be suitable with your face.
  • After that, go to the filter option and use your favourite filter to apply on photo. Just wait for a moment for the accurate application of a specific filter effect.
  • That’s it; your photo is prepared to share.
  • You can also find the Social sharing button. You need to click on those sharing buttons, and your photo will be publically published.


What data do they take?

FaceApp processes and uploads our images in the cloud, and the app will only upload a photo selected by a user for editing. The remaining of your camera roll stays on your mobile phone.

Should I need to create an account for FaceApp?

No, you can also use FaceApp without giving it your name or email and 99% of FaceApp users follow this.

How long they save my data?

The Faceapp’s terms of service permit it a “perpetual” license to our images, and it deletes most of the images from its servers after 48 hours.

Wrapping Up

In essence, FaceApp is the one, and only Artificial Intelligence photo editor on the Google Play Store. They’re precisely working well on filters, colour-changing, personalization tools, and its auto editing tools.

In a nutshell, you can enjoy the free transformation features by downloading FaceApp Pro Mod APK free of cost. Besides, you can take privileges such as hair styling, gender swag, and moustache style. This fake app allows you to modify your age or add tattoos. Furthermore, you can also access the Heisenberg and Hitman filters, and many other amazing free filters.

FaceApp Pro MOD APK Review
  • FaceApp Pro MOD APK


FaceApp Pro MOD APK uses a terrific set of AI filters, effects, backgrounds, and other tools to provide an endless and photorealistic edit in one app. Undoubtedly, You will never have to waste your time on photoshop

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