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About FaceApp Pro 

If you are a regular user of social media, it’s not hard to find images with wrinkles and wrinkles appearing on people’s faces. The people you know also share odd photos with funny caption. They’re not out of the past, they simply modified their selfies with the FaceApp application.

App Name FaceApp MOD Apk
File Size
7.0 and up
Last Updated
21 February 2022

It was first launched in February 2017 by an Chinese company, this app quickly became the most popular photo application on the market, with lots of users.

Faceapp Pro Mod Apk
Faceapp Pro Mod Apk

But, after a lengthy time , it was not very well-known in the marketplace, but by the middle of the season, FaceApp is now back in the spotlight. With a variety of unique options and filters, this app allows you to alter your gender and your age with only one or two steps.

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is an editing program for photos which allows you to create something unique with selfie photos. It was developed by a research team located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, this application makes use of neural networks to adjust your facial characteristics to give you the most realistic look. The AI system could help an untrained man transform into a man of 50 years old and a woman change into a man sporting beard.

How to use FaceApp

It’s very simple to make use of. To begin, you must download a selfie to your smartphone’s phone library or shoot directly from your camera. Prior to that, you have to let the app use the libraries on your phone you own. The frame on the screen can be adjusted to fit your face. Choose a style you like and let FaceApp do the rest. Be aware that FaceApp requires that your device connect to the Internet.

Alternate your age

In just a few steps, you’ll have an adorable selfie. It’s different from the real world. Many users of FaceApp enjoy the Old feature, which transforms faces into older people. The app’s feature Young allows you to own the look of a baby However, it’s not very popular as the images aren’t detailed or real.

Change your sexual partner

One of the most popular aspects that is available in FaceApp is the fact that it permits users to alter your gender for the person on the photo. Female to male or male to female … it can all be accomplished in some easy steps.

Many filters

FaceApp includes a range of innovative features and filters that you can use. Smile feature can make serious pictures turn funny as your face is transformed into cute smile. Additionally, you can switch face of two individuals and change their faces from males to women, and reverse. When you have a photo that you like, save it to the gallery or post it to your social media. Sharing funny photos helps you enjoy your time with your family and friends.

Other characteristics

  • Add tattoos.
  • Make a smile.
  • A variety of color filters and gorgeous lighting.
  • Change background.
  • Makeup.
  • Create your hairstyle.
  • FaceApp AI automatically finds you the correct filters and settings.

FaceApp MOD Apk Features

The world-renowned faceapp MOD application isn’t superfluous. The reason for this is the features it offers. If we look at the Free variant of Normal FaceApp APK, it is extremely popular, but it doesn’t offer all the features available found in the Paid App. With this version of FaceApp Pro Mod APK, you are able to use all features that were unlocked for the version that is free. All premium features can be unlocked with it.

Pro Unlocked

All top functions of the FaceApp APK can be unlocked with this Premium Version. You can snap a beautiful photo with this application that will easily draw the attention of your beloved. The app’s premium features will provide you with a stunning image and demonstrate how gorgeous you are.

There is no watermark (Remove)

With no watermark You can simply click images and send them to your friends. If you’ve ever tried Face App APK you are aware of the moment you click images in Face App. it displays Water Mark of Face App however within the Face App Pro App the user are able to upload and share photos without Water Mark since Face App eliminated the Water Mark.

Unlimited Filter

Filters are the main reason that people download FaceApp. The first thing to note is that all the filters in FaceApp are fantastic and the best aspect of it. You can apply the latest filters to improve your photos.

Hollywood filters

Are you looking to give your picture a Hollywood appearance? Don’t fret, this is possible using FaceApp Pro Mod APK. Because they’ve added all premium features to this app for professional users which aren’t included offered in the free version.

Hair color and hairstyle

Hair color and style is the most significant part of our appearance. If you change the style and color of hair you are able to create a fresh look. Hair comes in a myriad of styles and colors. You can pick the hair color you like the best. You can alter the color and style, and click images.

Age Changer

This feature has the largest factor in making the app very popular with the public. People loved it very much. Many people have transformed their age through clicking pictures and sharing them through social networking. The result was that its advertising was extremely quick, and it quickly became a well-known photo-clicking application.

Beard & Mustache

The popularity of beard and mustache is becoming commonplace for males these days. What should we do for the people without a beards or mustaches do? My own beard hasn’t yet. However, it doesn’t concern me as I’ve put Stylish Beard on my face using FaceApp MOD APK and then click images. You can apply similar.

Replace Background

The latest update is available in FaceApp that has added a number of incredible features. One-Click Background Changer is just one of the features. In the past, we had to use an additional app that could change your background for any photo.

Now FaceApp offers a feature of a single-click background changer with many backgrounds. The free version comes with a limited Background as well. Face App Pro APK is offered with unlimited background.


Do you want to be ready to go out for the evening or in the morning. It’s not a problem with this application. Now, without putting on any physical makeup , you can take Party Ready Pictures with the assistance with FaceApp Pro APK Makeup.

FaceApp’s feature FaceApp is gaining popularity with users because it gives a authentic look. Girls across the globe are enthralled by this feature and sharing their photos through social networking.

How to Install FaceApp Pro APK on Android?

This section is intended for those who haven’t used an APK Modified application. For those who have successfully installed it, they know extremely exactly how you can download any APK to an Android Phone. If you’re not aware, the steps to follow, then you can follow Step by Step.

  • The first step is to remove FaceApp’s free Version i.e. Playstore Version on your phone.
  • Then, using the Download Button located on our site Download FaceApp Pro MOD APK. FaceApp Pro MOD APK.
  • Go to the settings menu and turn on unknown sources for your phone. This is because until you allow it. you cannot install any third-party app on your Android phone.
  • Then, you need open File manager and search for the file for FaceApp Pro and tap on it.
  • When you click on this, it will prompt you to install.
  • Click on it and that’s all there is to it.

Hurray!! Go to your phone and you’ll see this awesome FaceApp Pro MOD APK on your phone.

FaceApp Pro Apk FAQs

Every person who uses or would like to use FaceApp. There are a lot of inquiries about this application. We have listed some of the questions that are asked most often below. You will find the answers to all of those questions. You’ve got in your head. If you are unable to find the answer to your question in this section, then you can leave a comment or ask us. Our team is available to assist you. We will be able to respond to your inquiries as quickly as we can.

What is the best way to use FaceApp Pro for no cost?

To access FaceApp Pro for free, you must get the FaceApp Pro APK from our side’s side’ If you download the modified application from our website. You can enjoy all of the premium features at no cost.

Is FaceApp Pro free?

Yes, we’re offering FaceApp pro at no cost. It is not necessary to pay any amount to download this application. But if you’d like to download FaceApp Pro from our site or any official store you’ll have make a payment for the app. Therefore, you must download FaceApp MOD for free by clicking here.

How do I download the FaceApp PRO APK? FaceApp Pro APK?

Open this page and click”download. You can download the app within two minutes if follow the step-by-step guide provided by us.

What exactly is FaceApp pro?

FaceApp is a mobile app designed for iOS and Android created by Russian company Wireless Lab and faceApp pro is the version that is paid for by FaceApp.

Is FaceApp secure to make use of?

Yes, downloading FaceApp on our site is safe and secure since we do not download any apk that could harm our users. So, download FaceApp Pro without taking a second to think about it.

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