Es File Explorer Apk

Es File Explorer Apk

Ever heard of ES file Explorer ApK? No, here I am to tell you about ES file explorer apk, ES file explorer apk is an amazing  tool used by the users to manage files and various programs in their android phones. It has so many amazing features along with managing programs, these features include the tools that are used for killing the applications that are running on the device , a FTP which is a client that is used on your phones and even PC and storage of cloud drive directly with the help of Skydrive , Google drive or even Dropbox.

App Name Es File Explorer Apk
File Size
5.0 and up
Last Updated
26 March 2022

If you are an android user and want to manage the resources of your device easily, this ES File Explorer will help you in it. You can even get access to anything on your mobile phone and share these whenever you want to. Things like watching shows, posting pictures online and changing or controlling the 3G connection that were difficult in some times is now very easy with the help of this ES File Explorer. ES File Explorer is literally featured in a way that its users can get an easy access to everything including images, movies, shows, videos , apps and even documents for both uses (networked or local) .ES File Explorer has reached more than 500 million users in the whole world. You can share the files from your device without costing any cost. You can transfer these files without any mobile data and any type of cables because it has all type of features for sharing the files such as.

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Feature of Es File Explorer Apk

File Manager:

This helps you to manage the files with the features such as copy, paste, cut , compress and rename functions.


You can send pictures, audios , documents and videos of any kind without any data or cable use. You can use this feature without any kind of connection or data usage. You can even use bluetooth devices to share the files in between. 

Build-in Player and viewer:

You are able to play and view any kind of android file in this ES File Explorer by this feature. You can play videos, listen to audios and view the images without the presence of any specific app to open such files. This app is very useful for any kind of file.

Remote File Manager:

You can manage the files on your mobile while being on your computer with the help of this feature. You just have to enable this feature and control things on your android device with the help of a computer. Control the files from the computer which is very easy.

Es File Explorer Apk

Built-in RAR and ZIP support:

By this feature you can compress or even decompress ZIP files . You can even unpack the RAR files and add new codes to get access to ZIP files by remote and get the files from wherever you want. 

App Manager:

You can manage and control the apps by categorizing them, installing or uninstalling them, making shortcuts for the apps and making back-ups for the apps with the help of ES File Explorer.

Killing tasks by single click:

You can kill various tasks by single clicks , and make your device better by speeding its performance. You can even increase the storage or memory of your device by this feature. It will automatically stop the apps working in the background except the apps you do not want to stop. This stays on the home screen and shows you the RAM situation that is present at the time . Well, for this feature the Module version of Task version is needed.

Work as FTP and WebDAV functions:

You are able to manage the files on the servers like SFTP, WebDAV, FTPS and FTP the same way you manage the files on the SD cards. 

Cloud Storage:

ES File Explorer supports the cloud platforms such as Sugarsync, OneDrive (SkyDrive), , Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex, Amazon S3 and many more.

Root Explorer:

ES File Explorer provides the user with a big set of management tools in the form of files. These files give access to the whole system of files and even to the data directories. It also allows you to change the permission for things.

Note Editor:

ES File Explorer even supports the Syntax Highlights for more than 30 languages such as Ruby, Python, PHP, XML, Java, Perl, Javascript, etc. 

SD Card Analyst:

ES File Explorer even analyzes files like Redundancy Files, Recently created files, Large files, App associate Files, Duplicate files in order to save the space in the device. This even detects the sensitive permission and App cache and even memory usage to acknowledge the apps on your device better.

Access your Home PC:

You can access your home on the PC from the mobile phones with the help of Wifi or even with SMB File transfer and the file explorer.

Real-time Observer:

Es File Explorer Apk helps you to load the files that you just added recently in the library faster. This is absolutely 80% faster. ES File Explorer even helps the users to manage the files that are present in the device, no matter where they are present , in micro Sd card, cloud storage, device storage memory or on local network area. This even allows the users to do changes in the files such as rename, share , copy or delete the files from or to your mobile. You can even search your files and browse them by the category of your files.

Cache Cleaner and Auto start Manager:

ES File Explorer deletes the junk files for you to make more space in the device’s storage. For this feature, the module version of Task Manager is needed.

WiFi File Transfer:

In order to edit the mobile files from your Pc you can use the WiFi method that is wireless with the help of FTP library and any other device. You can find every file in mere seconds with the help of this feature. 

Bluetooth File Browser:

You can easily copy and even paste the files between the ready Bluetooth devices. This ES File Explorer even supports the OBEX FTP for searching the available Bluetooth devices and sharing the files between them.

 ES File Explorer Easy to Use

Es File Explorer Apk is very easy to use , so there is no need to worry if you do not know how it works and all. This app is just like other apps of its kind but it still stands out because of its user-friendly functions and simple structure and it is very easy to use as well. There are many people who are not very well introduced with the apps of this kind but they will also be able to use this app because it is very simple and it will help them a lot. However, they will not be able to run other applications of this type, so this ES File Explorer application is best of its kind.

ES File Explorer Apk Download

Es File Explorer Apk is very easy to download. You just have to click the “Download” button present in this page and it will take some time. Do not press the “download” button more than one time because it will download it more than one time if you do so. After some time the download will complete and you are ready to use this app on your androids. 

ES File Explorer Older Version

The old versions of ES File Explorer are more famous and demanding because of its ads-free feature. These versions do not have ads in them But as this application grew better it started growing more and more and they added the ads in the upcoming or the new versions. 

ES File Explorer Latest Version

The latest version of ES File Explorer consists of ads and they are better than the older versions. The new versions are updated from time to time to keep the users updated. But these versions contain a lot of ads so people prefer old versions . The New version is which was released on June 5, 2022.

Es File Explorer Apk

ES File Explorer Themes

Yes, there are themes of different kinds in the ES File Explorer to use on their devices. These themes are of different types and kinds. They are of all tastes and match everyone’s kind easily. 

ES File Explorer Safe

Es File Explorer Apk is super to use and even makes your device save from many viruses by its features. Ut cleans the junk automatically and makes the device free of junk things. UIt even closes the apps running in the background on its own. But if you do not want any of them to close you can keep it open and it will not close it. So, the uncertainty of the unsafety is completely wrong because it is very much safe to use. So, download this application from the link given in this page and make your life easy. 


So, download Es File Explorer Apk to get all these features and make your life easy and manage the files on your device much more easily. Control the files on the device from the computer just by WiFi versions and wireless connections. It also sends, receives and edits the files without any data connection. It consists of new themes for the users. This also edits the files such as copy files, delete them, compress them or paste them according to your want.Thanks for reading the article and now relax and manage the files of your android devices with the help of this amazing application known as ES File Explorer apk. 

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