Era of Celestials Mod Apk v2.1626.271857 (Unlimited Coins/Rubies/Gold)

App Name Era of Celestial Mod Apk
File Size 98 MB
Version v2.1626.271857
Requirement Android 4.1+
Last Updated October 2021

Era of Celestials Mod Apk basically means the thing which is related to the sky or of heaven. If you are inclined towards futuristic games then this game would definitely excite you. The game also includes war against supreme power (God) which is absolutely a unique idea. Choose the character which best suits your needs and update it according to your needs. With your battles show your enemies your great potential. So what else are you looking for?

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Era of celestials apk

Era of Celestials Mod Apk

Era of Celestials hack is an incredibly comprehensive add-on for the popular Android mobile phone, which focuses on reviving the medieval theme and game play mechanics from the original Age of Conan. The Age of Celestials mod and also comes with a number of premium features. These premium features include a new quest path, special skills, new weapons, and new achievements. But before you begin playing the game, it’s important that you know a few basics. That way, you’ll be better prepared to get started enjoying the wonders and magic of the Age of Celestials.

Modes available

Unlike most mod apps, Age of Celestials has two modes:

  • Story mode
  • Challenge mode.

In story mode, players guide the game’s central character, Arion, as he tries to defeat the evil Jannius. You can also take up an offensive or defensive role while playing.

On the other hand, in challenge mode, you have to defeat the various formidable opponents and the dragons, and collect as much gold and coins as possible, along with unlocking a number of powerful artifacts.

Unique gameplay

Unlike other games where you just need to swing and slash your weapons to fight enemies, in Age of Celestials, you’ll need to use a variety of weapons to take on the battle. For example, you can use a club as an attack tool, but you’ll also need a bow and arrows for shooting time. Your attacks will be more fluid and realistic when using weapons in combat. That is why most experts agree that the best way to enjoy this realistic action and to experience the smooth control of the game is to download the Age of Celestials mod and use the Smart Blow Feedback system.


This amazing program also comes with a number of other exciting features.

  • One of them is the ability to transform into the dragon lord Azeroth, who has powerful magical powers. Other notable characters include the troll shaman named Gazlowe, and the warlock named Archimonde.
  • Each character in the Age of Celestials mod apk can be leveled up quickly, making these games perfect for those who want to play instantly, or have a leveling cap.
  • In addition, another fantastic feature of this mod is that you can purchase powerful artifacts from merchants during gameplay. The most powerful artifacts can cost you over a thousand gold, so it is important that you equip yourself with the best gears before heading out into the game.
  • You can purchase an unlimited supply of powerful artifacts from merchants once you’ve downloaded the era of Celestials cheats codes to your android device.
  • Perhaps the best part about this amazing mod is the dragon as your avatar. You can change your avatar with the use of this amazing and very fun mod. You can choose between many different skin colors, along with various facial expressions to resemble the mood of the game.
  • The era of celestials mod apk for android phones enables you to transform into a powerful demon, complete with all the powers of the game account Azeroth. This will make you look like you have the might of a powerful lich Lord, which is definitely something to behold.
  • You can also purchase powerful artifacts to take back control of the world. You can obtain powerful artifacts such as the Sunwell, the Well of Souls, or the Staff of the Master.
  • Once you’ve started playing this game, you will get the chance to use a variety of powerful items to gain dominance over the game.
  • You can buy the Age of Celestials mod for free download from the Google Android marketplace website, where this amazing mod can also be purchased and supported with an additional fee.
  • If you want to kill dozens or even hundreds of merciless enemies during your game play, you need the power of Azeroth to do it. Using the fantastic and awesome Azeroth faction, players are empowered with magical powers to be able to kill morels, murlocs, and vicious insects in Azeroth.
  • So, download the wonderful era of Celestials private serve for your phone now and kill off some of the gruesome enemies and bosses of the game using their special abilities.


Is it available for free?

Yes it is absolutely free.

Is it internet connection required to play this game?

Yes, an internet connection is required and data charges could apply.

Do we need to root our device for playing this game?

No, not necessarily you don’t need to root your device for playing this game.


Wrapping Up

Era of celestial mod apk is completely a new idea you would definitely love the overall experience. So download it and share ahead. If you got any queries regarding this game feel free to notify us in the comments section and we’ll definitely respond to you as soon as possible.





Era of Celestials Mod Apk Review
  • Era of Celestials Mod Apk


Era of Celestials hack is an incredibly comprehensive add-on for the popular Android mobile phone, which focuses on reviving the medieval theme and gameplay mechanics from the original Age of Conan.

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