Dragon City Mod Apk

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Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon City Mod Apk is an electrifying battle game which is one of the best and famous simulation games which can be played online with your friends and other players.In this game you have the opportunity to construct your own city, buy various kinds of assets and train your dragons to fight the battles against your friends or other players. You can also build your own properties like towers, storehouses and castles to prepare yourself against your enemies and to become more authoritative strategically.

App Name Dragon City Mod Apk
File Size
5.0 and up
Last Updated
30 May 2022

You will have one baby dragon in the beginning then you have to feed, train and turn them into big monsters in order to get them prepared for the fight.It is not easy for the beginner to collect gems and rewards for constructing your city, purchasing the properties, training the dragons and upgrading them so you have to make in-app purchases. 

Dragon city mod apk unlimited money and gems

Here’s the deal: This Mod version provides you Unlimited gold, unlimited money, unlimited coins and unlimited gems which are essential for having complete fun of the game. These unlimited sources enable you to train and breed the dragons efficiently, and to build your city as professionally as you wish.

Dragon city mod apk latest version

Dragon City Mod Apk is the latest version of the game which includes the latest features like:

  • Hundred types of dragons
  • Breeding of dragons
  • Additional rewards
  • Skipping the cool down session and attacking suddenly.
  • Ability to gain new powers

Dragon city mod apk unlimited everything

Dragon City Mod Apk gives you the luxury of completely unlocked and unlimited everything in the game.From unlimited food to unlimited gems, unlimited money to unlimited breeding what else do you want in such a high profile game.

Dragon city alliance chest

The alliance chest is the prominent feature in Dragon city  that can be acquired by a city if they are able to secure a certain number of points. The alliance chest has many levels and every level is filled with greater rewards than the previous one. As you collect more and more points your chest advances on upper levels.

You can earn alliance points by:

  • Breeding your dragons
  • Hatching the eggs
  • Collection of food
  • Winning the arena and league battles
  • Upgrading your dragon levels

Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon city breeding

In dragon city mod apk you can breed your dragons which takes time depending on the dragon type you want to breed.You can also speed up the breeding time by spending gems.If the breeding process shown in the game is  of short duration i.e less than an hour you will get the basic type of dragon.If it shows the breeding process time more than an hour you have to spend more and more gems in order to speed up the process.

Dragon city best dragons

Dragon city dragons

The Dragon city game has 100 dragons from which you can select, train and breed them in order to play the game. The most popular, strong and best dragons are as follows:

  • Barbarian dragon – The strongest dragon in the game.
  • Snail Dragon – The slow and steady Dragon with the most positive attitude.
  • Lightspeed dragon – The most damage causing dragon in one strike.
  • Iceberg dragon – Sharp Protective shield on the back and equipped with storm and ice spike skills.
  • Juggler Dragon – The most sly and cunning dragon.

Dragon city pure dragon

Pure dragons are the most rare dragons, but in the past it was next to impossible to possess even one of these dragons because they were only available in the result of  breeding between two legendary dragons.

But now these pure dragons are available to buy from the store after reaching a specific level and then you can also breed them to expect any of the legendary dragons as a breeding result.

They are also utilized to breed hybrid dragons like pure dark and pure electric etc.

Dragon city cheat

Dragon city hack

The dragon city cheat provides you free gems, food, gold and everything you want in the game. This cheat makes you able to generate gems, coins, money and gold as much as you want.

These cheats are available for both android and ios devices.

You can use this cheat whenever you need coins, gems or gold etc. It is completely safe and secure.

Dragon city tool

  • Just press the “dragon city cheat generator” button below then enter the number of coins or gems you want to generate. 
  • Write the username and select the device type you are using  (Android or ios).
  • Complete the human verification process
  • After that click on “generate the gift” and avail the benefits.

Dragon city events

Events are the very fun filled part of dragon city games in which you can participate and compete against other players. For example, in the past events “heroic race” was the one of best events in which players had to race against 7 players by accomplishing the tasks. Winners of the event got newly released heroic dragons and three other dragons.You can see what’s happening in the dragon city by viewing the current and upcoming events.

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Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon city Elements and Element’s weakness

There are several elements present in dragon city and they influence the features of the game like breeding and battle.These elements differ in nature like attacking elements, defending elements and ancient world elements etc.

These element’s weakness depends on the nature of attacking elements for example,

  1. If a flame element is attacked by the ice element then the ice element will cause 2x damage to the flame element.
  2. If an ice element is attacked by a flame element it will cause half of the damage to the ice element.

This example proves that flame elements are more weak opposing ice elements but less weak while opposing other elements like metal.

The elements of dragon city are:

Terra, Metal, Flame, Nature, Ice, Sea, Electric, Dark, Light, War, Pure, Legend, Primal, Wind and Time.

Dragon city eggs

Dragon city eggs are those unhatched dragons you collect by breeding specific dragons together. you can also have them by winning some events and you can just purchase them from this game’s store.After breeding (or purchasing) an egg, you can send that egg to the hatchery section from where you can hatch it and produce a dragon baby.

Some of the Dragon Eggs are:

Abnormal, Abyss, Ace, Alien, Adored, Amber, Alpine, Cookie, Easter, Freezox etc

Dragon city guide

Dragon city guide assists you in understanding the fundamentals of Dragon city and what to do in the starting phase of playing this amazing game.

First you have to learn basic types of dragons:

Dragon types:

There are generally six types of dragons:

Common, Rare, Very rare, epic, legendary and Heroic.

This classification is based upon their traits and functionality. Every dragon has almost four elements which decide its nature and fighting style.

Dragon city restaurant:

In this game version “Dragon city mod apk” you will get all of the food for your dragons for free (i.e against your free resources) which is impossible in the original version and you have to make in-app purchases for that purpose.

Dragon city online

You can play this game with your friends, family and other online players and this is simply the best feature of this game.You can attack and fight head to head battles with them.

Dragon city venom dragon

Venom dragon comes under the “Common” category of dragons, and it has terra as primary element and Dark as the secondary element.This dragon is very fatal and it also provides a counteragent when needed, this dragon is breedable and its breeding time is upto 9 hours and hatch time is 15 hours.You have to breed one dragon with a terra element and one dragon with a dark element in order to produce a Venom dragon.If you want to buy it from the store its price is 350 gems.

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