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Oct 18, 2022
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“DEAD CELLS APK” is an amazing thriller game that belongs to the action game genre. It’s so realistic that you’ll be able to feel all the hurdles, jumps, moves, and speeds. It’s rich in delicate details that convince you to enjoy this game at all levels. I am pretty sure that you all are interested in games where players have a lot of access to the game features that are related to death or life. It is an interesting game. 


The name itself represents the gameplay of the game. Become the boss in the gameplay and run commands among the other users, This game allows the users to get access to the 4 bosses that are available for free. Just download the game from our site and you will be given a lot of features for free without spending a single penny on them. 

The uniqueness of Dead Cells: 

Unlike other action games, its format and design are not the same at each level. That’s what ensures the uniqueness of this game. Designs vary from level to level. That’s why the player doesn’t get bored easily. The styling of this game allows you to experience the interaction of small things closely. For example, things like swinging off the hung chandelier, ringing of bells amidst attack, and hidden gems in the walls in some scenes make it more exciting and realistic than other games. 

Usually, in other games, the levels and gameplay directly depend upon the life of the player. This granted life keeps lowering with the tackling of hurdles. While, in this game, there is no such thing as GameStop after dying. You can play easily even after you’ve died. The player’s death in this game results in the resetting of the game map. Access to privileges like time gate, treasure chest, etc remains with the player. On the contrary, the player’s death leads to the refilling of the weapons, money, and cells and the player’s data gets more strong. So it’s much better than other games. 

Dying in a game means learning more and more while getting more skilled. A person learns from his failures and so does a learning and rising player. Just as you die, you start at the same level again and it’ll provide you with the resetting of the game and so you’ll not get bored while playing at the same level after death. If you’re a game freak and want to excel more and more in this game, you can try various combinations by researching more about the gameplay. This is a very exciting way of playing a game. 

Challenges in Gameplay:

The thrill starts in a game when you’re being ruled by some rules or missions. That’s even exciting when you have some challenges to complete or characters to compete with. This game also has 4 bosses. These bosses are challenged to complete a certain task or series of challenges.

All you have to do is clean sweep the game but if you’re a game freak and want to intensify the difficulty, then you’re welcomed to 4 origin cells that are present to increase the difficulty so you may have a hard time playing the game. But to reach those cells, you’ll have to defeat the final Boss. This feature of this game keeps the player’s interest in the game. It doesn’t let him get bored of playing this game.


Unlimited Excitement:

The player can dive into the world of breathtaking challenges and feel the vibe of being the main character. A game without enemies is not as thrilling as it is in a game full of competition. By defeating those enemies you can get up to fifty sorts of weapons. This enables you to get more powerful in this game. Who doesn’t want to be the dominating character of a game with many strongest magic spells? There’s much more to know about this game. 

The theme of Gameplay:

The gameplay is designed to be presenting the view of a dilemma. But it’s more interesting this way. You’ll be having a very chaotic environment but at the same time diving into the world of enjoyment, adventures, and superior situations. The theme of the gameplay gets you more and more invested in the game. It catches your 100% attention.

How to Download:

Download this game on your phone with the APK. You’ll have to follow the guidelines given below.

  •  You’ll have to click on the link given below. 
  •  Once the application starts downloading on your device, hop on to the settings in your device. 
  •  Reach the “Unknown Sources” in the settings and allow “Permission”.
  •  Once the application is downloaded, review the application and start your gaming experience.


DEAD CELLS APK are an interesting two-dimensional game that enables you to earn as many rewards with your skills and talents. It’s a platform full of action. You can be a warrior, a survivor, or an accomplisher with the latest weapons collected by winning or completing the tasks. Even though the graphics of this game are reflecting the latest technology, its gameplay is uniquely classic. If you are invested in the classic game genre, then this is the perfect game for you. 


Name’s Conspiracy:

The name of the game, “Dead cells” is due to its linkage with a parasite. The parasite enters the remains of a dead warrior and it results in the complete revival of the warrior. As soon as he wakes up, it’s time to get ready for the gameplay. Its mechanism grants the warrior to be very flexible with adaptation. All you have to do is to unlock as many privileges as you can so that you can ace well in the game. 

Play the game as a dead person. Isn’t it thrilling that you will live a life after your death in the game? In easy words, you will be another creature than a normal human and play the game with those extra features that your body will be able to do after you are re-born. No, you are not reborn your body is just attacked by some parasite that makes you supernatural. Not exactly supernatural but a kind of weird creature. So enjoy your time being in that character and have fun while playing this game without any hurdles. 


One of the unique qualities of this game DEAD CELLS APK includes a map feature. Here, you can have an overall look at the maps and ways. You can combat in any area of those maps as it’s not bound to location patterns like other games. Just use these maps and you are good to go. 

Make sure to not get lost during your time in this game and use the maps that are available for the users. All the maps are unlocked and give the users a clear view of the surroundings or any other place they wanna visit in the game. The maps are very simple to understand so I am sure you will learn to understand them in no time. 

Extra Content:

The extra content in this game DEAD CELLS APK is just like a cherry on top. It has many thrilling expansions to expand the quality and experiences of the players of this game. This provides them. with better equipment, weapons biomes, bosses, and rivals. But the good and neat part is that these expansions don’t mix with the main game and run side by side. This feature keeps on adding discoveries along the story.

Use these expansions and become the master of the game. These expansions will help you in getting a professional feeling from the game. And I am sure you will be able to play the game like a professional. 


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Application details:

  • Last updated: June 2, 2022. 
  • Application name: “Dead Cells”
  • Latest version: v2.7.8
  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Playdigious
  • OS versions: Android 6.0+
  • Mod info: Mod: Menu


This article provides you with the introduction, gameplay, procedure, and download guide of this application. This game is exciting as well as interesting. One can play it and never get bored due to its attractive graphics and unique designs and rules. If you want to experience a world full of thrillers without going through the stress of surviving, then what are you waiting for? Just follow the guidelines to download it and enjoy your time.

It’s free from all bugs and doesn’t harm your device. You can play this game without the fear of getting your data harmed. It’s a licensed game checked by our servers. Wish you have a good time playing this game.

Thanks for reading my article, I hope you like it~

What's new

Fixed achievements issues
Giant now does knock the crystals from the ceiling as it should
Minor UI fixes
Fixed controller binding for switching map display
Flask goggles can now be moved
Fixed Aspects UI layout
Fixed audio volumes & values rounding in options
Fixed a few minor localization issues
Better Android 12 compatibility (cutouts and action bars) with immersive mode
code maintenance



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