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Become the chef of your own restaurant in a fun time management game! Cooking Diary is the cooking game loved and supported by players around the world! Caution: this game can cause real culinary fever!
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Sep 16, 2022
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Cooking Diary mod APK:

Cooking Diary mod APK is a game in which you can take control of the restaurant and develop it. In this game, as per your grandfather’s aspirations, you are privileged to be offered the opportunity to turn Tasty Hills into a specific place similar to the culinary world. The protagonist also serves as a cook so you were selected to develop this business. Now you have to plan a strategy and a business concept that will attract several people. Your business can succeed if hungry people come to eat there. In the Cooking Diary game, you will assume the duties of a manager and gain experience in each client service.

You’ll perform the manager’s duties as an employee. Don’t consider that you will just assign responsibilities to others while standing with your arms folded. In the Cooking Diary game, players prepare the food and give it to clients. You have to closely observe every move of your customers to assure the restaurant’s continued development. You should make your clients feel content in addition to preparing delicious food. These customers make it financially possible to build a restaurant.

Moreover, you can grow your kitchen skills. You have to add new drinks and dishes by varying the menu. In this game, customers’ demands almost always exist in great quantity. But you have to be careful so don’t rely mostly on the quantity and overlook it to keep the quality of your service. There are various challenging levels in the game Cooking Diary. You will switch from simple to difficult dishes. You have to convince your clients and maintain their joy throughout each meal. To avoid customers from leaving, carefully determine the time.In fact, you can design your restaurant as well. If you look closer, you will realize that you have to replace several old items in your restaurant. There should be no place for objects which change their color, and usually, there is a lot of dust on top of them. Transform the restaurant’s entire exterior to a fresh new look. You will have several choices when it comes to creating a restaurant such as curtains, floors, furniture, TV or paintings. You can also attract customers with the external aesthetics of the restaurant. The charm of a restaurant when accompanied by excellent meals, it will not take much time for you to get the highest quality rating.


Even if you work as a manager and a chef, it’s not compulsory that you’ll always be dressed as a chef. In the Cooking Diary game, the clothes and accessories of players can be customized. You can select an outfit, pair of shoes or a hat you like.
To display a special sense of style, put on costly glasses. Modification in the appearance is important after the levels hit a certain point. Now become the smartest chef in the Cooking Diary game and feel more secure in each level.

Cooking Diary MOD APK Download

You can download the Cooking Diary game on your android mobile phone by simply clicking on this given link for free. If you want to have this Cooking Diary game on your android phone, you need to download our mod apk file on your device and install it. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps to download the Cooking Diary game on your mobile phone:

  • To download our Cooking Diary mod apk file, you have to click on the given link in this page.
  • If you want to download and install this apk file on your mobile phone then you have to go to your mobile phone settings and enable the unknown resources to install.
  • Now go to the downloads in the file manager and find the downloaded file.
  • When you find our Cooking Diary APK file there, just click on it.
  • Now click the install button to start the installation of our Cooking Diary mod apk
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen

Now you can open the Cooking Diary game on your phone and enjoy the amazing features of this app for free.

Cooking Diary mod apk ios

You can enjoy the unlocked amazing premium features of the Cooking Diary game on your iOS devices as well. If you want to get the Cooking Diary mod iOS on your devices, you just have to click the given link provided on this page. Then the installation process will start on your iOS devices. After the installation process is completed, you can play this game with all the amazing premium features and have fun.

Cooking Diary PC

As there isn’t an official Cooking Diary mod APK app for PC Windows (7, 8 or10), you may download this version of the app using emulators. The Cooking Diary apk may be downloaded and installed on the Windows PC (7 or 8 or 10) through a variety of methods. Here we’ll talk about downloading The Cooking Diary apk using the Bluestacks emulator on the PC but you may use any other emulator as well to get this apk file on your device.

Now Mac OS users can even use the Bluestacks tool to download and utilize Android apps on Windows PCs, which has become highly popular among the users. You must use Bluestacks tool to install and launch the Cooking Diary game on a PC running Windows (7, 8 or 10). Let’s now go into further details about the installation procedure of this game:

  • You must first get Bluestacks 5 from the program’s official site.
  • The installation procedure is quite simple to understand and carry out. After a successful installation of it, Bluestacks may be used.
  • At first, the launching of Bluestacks tool can take a lot of time. After it has been launched , the home page of Bluestacks will be accessible.
  • Google Play is already present in the Bluestacks. You have to find the icon of Playstore on the main screen of Bluestacks, now you have to click the icon twice to launch the playstore.
  • Now look through the software you want to download and install on the computer. Find the Cooking Diary app and download it to your PC in this case.
  • The Cooking Diary app may be installed right away on Bluestacks by selecting the Install option. After that, the app appears in Bluestacks installed applications list.
  • You may quickly start the Cooking Diary application on your computer by double tapping the application’s icon in Bluestacks. The Cooking diary game can be played just like you will play it on the iOS and Android devices.

Cooking Diary mod apk golden ticket

The Golden ticket for Cooking Diary mod Apk will involve you in the game’s exciting plot and unique activities of the cooking simulator including the friendships with the customers of your restaurant. You will create and develop your restaurant and set up new dining areas, entertainment venues and cafes as well as you will be able to customize the game’s main character once you begin playing this game.

There is a golden track that can give unlimited prizes in the Cooking Diary game. The players will need to buy a Golden Ticket if they want to unlock the Golden Track. You can win all of the Golden Track prizes when you get a Golden Ticket, including the main prize, which is the only one offered.

Cooking Diary mod apk unlimited everything

Many of you who find the ads and in-app shopping irritating might like to look out for the modified form of this game Cooking Diary. There will be an unlimited amount of money, diamonds, gold, golden tickets, as well as other items. As a consequence, you can simply collect any items you like without paying anything for them. Furthermore, the game becomes more interesting due to the ad-free adventures.

Cooking Diary mod apk unlimited rubies/gems

One of the two major currencies in this game is rubies. With the help of rubies, the player can upgrade the items in the kitchen of the restaurant. Rubies can allow the player to buy interior items of the restaurant. You can also purchase the boosters with the rubies. Moreover, our Cooking Diary mod APK mod has unlimited rubies. You just have to click the given link on this page. After downloading and installing our mod on your devices, you can get access to unlimited rubies for free. You can enjoy the unlocked premium features of this game including rubies for free.

Cooking Diary cheats

  • By completing several customers’ orders in series, you can increase your coin earnings. There is a combo timer directly under the coins meter just at the top of your screen. To gain extra coins, rapidly book or finish a lot of customers’ orders.
  • Click the book button at the bottom left corner on the home screen of this game. Tap on the “Friends” tab just on the other screen. Hit the green button to go to the friend’s restaurant. You may earn free coins and rubies from the present that is located there. You should make new friends to get free gift packages.
  • Immediate processing of a customer’s order results in ‘smiles’. The rating system’s basis is all these smile points. Get more smiles to progress on the leaderboard. You can also receive a completely free chest after you attain position #1. Moreover, you can obtain coins or rubies from the chest.
  • You must pay attention to the discussion tab when you’ve formed a club. If anyone asks for help, kindly provide it. You receive gold coins as a result.

Cooking Diary Boosters

The game Cooking Diary contains a variety of different boosters. You can get these boosters before you start your game or even when you pause your game.

  • Super boosters: You can activate these boosters either at the start of the level or even during the pause time window.
  • Patient Customers: This booster really helps to slow down the mood drop of the customers and it increases the waiting time of the customers.
  • Turbo Skates: By using this booster, you can move around the kitchen more swiftly the entire level. These boosters will increase the speed of serving the consumers.
  • Megapan: You can use this booster Megapan to make your drinks and food quickly through the whole level without burning them.
  • Double Profits: This booster allows you to earn extra coins for the entire level.

The below-mentioned boosters can be used while playing a level.

  • Candy: With the help of the booster candy, the patience of the consumers can be completely renewed. It influences all customers that are standing close to the counter at the same time.
  • Wonder Dish: You can use the booster Wonder Dish to complete a customer’s full order, irrespective of the number of dishes they requested.
  • Freeze: This booster can be used to stop the timer in a level for a specific time period.
  • Super Delivery: The booster super delivery helps you to serve all of the customers at a single time immediately.

The below given boosters can be used after a level loss.

  • Extra Customers and Time: This booster will give you three new customers and thirty more seconds. If you are not left with enough time in a level and are short of coins as well, this booster will be given to you immediately.
  • Second Chance: You can get a second chance to continue to play the level with the help of this booster if you fail a level including an extra aim.

Cooking Diary Characters

Following are the few characters of the Cooking Diary game:


Occupation: Excellent Food Blogger

Personality: hard working, intelligent and charming

Hobbies: curling, DJing, katana dancing, and photography.

Vivien is an amazing person due to her natural charisma. Her analytical and lively personality usually enables her in achieving her goal of being the most famous food blogger. She always keeps the mobile phone. She enjoys both advanced technologies and cuisine creativity.

Martin Price:

  1. Occupation: no job, he is a school student.
  2. Personality: cautious, observant and shy
  3. Hobbies: He reads comic books and plays board games like Maze Masters.

A very intelligent and very well-read young boy who seemed a little spoiled. He has a very shy and reserved nature which is why he is not a very popular student in the school.  He still continues to try to make pals with other people.

Soul Mekko:

  • Occupation: works as a video blogger
  • Personality: straightforward, reliable, and sensible
  • Hobbies: there are so many things he likes to do such as bungee leaping over waterfalls as well as writing etc

He is an online video blogger who is really famous. Each one of his videos gets millions of views in just a few hours. He is not even a bit arrogant even with such immense popularity. He respects characteristics like decency and loyalty.

Leonard Gray:

  • Occupation: Great chef who had once owned significant restaurant business.
  • Personality: reliable, very kind and nice
  • Hobbies: receiving prizes from cereal boxes, gardening

Grandfather Leonard still seems to be naive and immature in his old age, and his opponents generally take advantage of it. He has an exceptional ability for cooking, which enabled him to reach the position of a master chef in that area.

Jonathan Marbles:

  • Occupation: junior chef’s helper.
  • Personality: hard working and honest and diligent yet lacks self-assurance.
  • Hobbies: doing standup comedy and composing jokes.

Johnny attempted to enroll in culinary school in order to accomplish his goal of turning into a popular chef but he failed the examinations. Destiny takes him to the restaurant owned by the Gray family that has recently experienced renovations. He still wants to succeed as a well-known chef, and he really appreciates the Gray family.

Cooking Diary events

There are three different types of events that take place in the game Cooking Diary. We will discuss all these events in detail.

Food Truck event:

The Food Truck event occasionally happens in this game. The Food Truck events are time limited. There are various awards that you can earn when you proceed across your Food Truck journeys such as rubies, exclusive outfits, and boosters banknotes. Two counters will be available to order food during the Food truck event. Customers make the payment with a special currency for every event. All of the money you have earned will expire after the event.

Culinary Tournament:

Players compete in the Culinary Tournament to rise to the top by accomplishing specific goals. When the competition is over, the winners of this game are given a prize. The value of the reward increases with the position of the player at the top.

Daily Quest:

Daily Quests are the repeating events in this game.  It provides you with many different objectives to complete in order to win rewards. There is a notebook icon on the left side of your screen. You have to tap on this icon if you want to see your daily quests in the Cooking Diary game. These daily quests will be time limited as the tasks have to be completed in a limited time. The daily quests refresh after every twenty-four hours. In a period of 24 hours, you can finish no more than three quests.

Cooking Diary online

The right choice to play online games for free without downloading on your device is “”. You just have to select “Play in Browser” to start playing the Cooking Diary game immediately in your browser. You can use the mobile cloud to play the free online game Cooking Diary mod APK on your device. Now you can play MYTONA’s simulation game Cooking Diary, where you assume the role of the master chef. Cooking is a way of living in Tasty Hills. It is your mission to save your grandfather’s restaurant and maintain his credibility.

Cooking Diary mod apk new version

The new version of this Cooking Diary mod contains unlimited money, gems/rubies, golden tickets, diamonds and everything just for free to achieve your dream of becoming a master chef. It will immerse you in the wonderful realm of food, in which you can develop the greatest restaurants and soothe your soul. You just have to click the given link on this page to download the new version of the Cooking Diary mod on your device.


Cooking Diary Tips

  • To manage your time more effectively, you don’t have to take all the coins out of the rack instantly. When many customers come to the counter at once, they must all be served simultaneously until every bit of their patience has been utilized.
  • You can make a variety of major dishes to satisfy the regular flow of customers. You can utilize the trays to keep blanks when you are unable to figure out the customer’s order.
  • It is best to upgrade your restaurant and kitchen area if you want to quickly complete the levels in the Cooking Diary game.
  • When you want to hold another dish while your both hands are occupied already then all you have to do is put that dish onto the stand from the hands. You have to start cooking the other dishes when you have taken the cooked dishes and put those on a stand. If you keep upgrading your kitchen items then there will be more space available to store the cooked dishes . In this way, you can free up your hands to prepare more dishes.
  • You can check to ensure that you have mixed the ingredients accurately when a visitor declines the order. There is a chance that you might have missed an ingredient or might have added some extra ingredients. You can also contact the  technical assistance if the issue still persists.
  • When you burn a dish, then it has to go in the dustbin. You can’t pick up or prepare more dishes until the decayed or burned dish is thrown away. But when you discard a dish, you also have to lose a portion of your collected coins which is equivalent to the value of that dish.

What's new

Path to Glory: an aristocratic poodle is ready to go on an outing with you!

• Food Truck: autumnal dishes and glamorous outfits!

• Flavor Formula: a botanical laboratory for inquisitive minds!
• Lotus Harmony: get a step closer to inner balance.

• Learn more about Teawald with Mr. Wolfe!
• Discover the exact composition of the secret ingredient!!

Welcome the vibrant palette of fall colors with Cooking Diary!



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