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THE ORIGINAL HASBRO BOARD GAME - It’s the classic murder mystery! Who did it? With what weapon? In which room? There’s a high-risk party at the mansion and every guest is a suspect. Roll the dice, become a detective and let Cluedo begin!
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Cluedo MOD APK:

If you love to play games that involve the factor of mystery and thriller, then you are going to fall in love with this game. Cluedo MOD APK is a thrilling game based on mysterious detective stories. In this game, you have to find out a killer from a bunch of people living in the same house. This is not just a normal puzzle-solving game but it also involves turn-based card gameplay in it. I am sure that you have never played such a type of game in your life, which includes interactive stories and turn-based cards together.

The storyline of Cluedo MOD APK revolves around a house in which six characters of this game: Professor Plum, Dr. Orchid, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard, and Miss Scarlet are staying together. On one gloomy and dark night, a murder happened mysteriously, and no one knows about the killer. The victim was their old friend Mr. Boddy who knew all the secrets about all six characters. The culprit is still hiding in that house and he could kill more people if we don’t succeed in finding him as soon as possible.

Cluedo MOD APK

The gameplay involves a perfect blend of puzzle and board games. You will be provided with an option of three cards and you have to select one of them. Each card unveils a secret about this murder and will help you in uncovering the real murderer. You will play according to the storyline and at your turn, you will find a new secret every time. Find all the clues to uncover the real murderer of Mr. Boddy.

Features of Cluedo MOD APK:

The main features of Cluedo MOD APK are discussed below:

Investigate the crime scene:

In this game, you have to play carefully by collecting all the relevant information about Mr. Boddy and the murder. You can investigate all the other characters and check all the rooms in a detailed way to get a clue or hint about the murderer. Moreover, you have to examine the place where the murder took place and find the weapons involved in that murder.

Cluedo MOD APK

Show your detective skills:

You must keep an eye on all characters and observe their body language to find the real truth. Each character present in that house is now under suspicion because the victim knew the hidden secrets about all of them. You can’t trust any of these characters; anyone could be the culprit behind this crime. In Cluedo MOD APK, you have to play by gathering clues, arranging them in the right order, connecting the dots, finding the logical reasons for this murder, and ultimately uncovering the real culprit.

Cluedo discover the secrets:

Gameplay starts with a roll of dice which determines your turn in this game. The number of points on the dice will determine that you can check how many locations of that house are in your turn. At each turn, you will be provided with the 3 types of clues in the form of cards: about the culprit, the weapon, and the place of murder.

You can select one card at one time and find out one hidden secret about this murder. By playing certain levels you will be able to master the skill of selecting the most useful card because this is the only way to find the culprit as soon as possible.

Cluedo MOD APK

Use the hints:

In this game, you can use the Clue sheet to find out logical and helpful hints. If you are confused at some point and can’t decide about the logic behind the clues, you can use this amazing feature to clear your doubts about anything. The clue sheet not only provides you with useful and logical hints but also eliminates all misleading and distracting clues.

Playing modes:

Cluedo MOD APK can be played in both single and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer mode can only be played online with an active internet connection however, you can play single-player mode online and offline without any problem. 

Single-player mode: in this mode, you have to play by selecting a character with or without an internet connection against the AI suspects.

Multiplayer mode: in multiplayer mode, you can play this game online with your friends and family. Each player will play the role of a game character and anyone could be the murderer. The gameplay in multiplayer mode is quite similar to the famous multiplayer detective game Among Us. Playing Cluedo MOD APK in multiplayer mode is much more fun because one player knows that he is playing as a culprit and he has to mislead all other characters by providing false clues.

Cluedo MOD APK

Moreover, you can play this game with your friends and other online players in multiplayer mode by using cross-platforms. For example, if you are playing this game on mobile you can play this game with your friends in real-time who are playing through PlayStation or PC.

Free to download:

The Cluedo Mod Apk game is not available for free on any official platform and it costs almost 5 US Dollars (per download) to download this game on any device. However, we have found a modified version of this remarkable game so that you can download this game on all of your devices free of cost. You can download this game for free by pressing the “Download” button provided on this web page.

No in-app purchases:

In the official version of this game, you have to unlock the complete features, game items, and other useful things by making in-app purchases. These in-app purchases cost about $1 to $35 (per item). Every player can’t afford these expensive purchases and as a result, most of the players lose the game due to a lack of essential game items. However, in this version, you don’t have to worry about the paid features and items of this game because this version provides you with all game items and complete features unlocked for free.

Cluedo MOD APK

Cluedo MOD APK Download

If you want to download the Cluedo MOD APK on your devices for free, please follow the simple instructions given below:

  1. Download the APK file by clicking on the “Download” button from the start of this article.
  2. Then, open the downloaded file to install the game.
  3. Don’t forget to enable the unknown sources, in case of any warning message on the screen of your device.

When installed, enjoy this detective game with your friends.

Cluedo old version

If you are using an older device and the latest version of the Cluedo mod apk game is not running on it, then don’t worry, you can still enjoy this game on your device. You have to download the old version of this game on your device and you can play Cluedo on your older device without any problem.

Cluedo Weapons

There are six types of weapons involved in the Cluedo game:

  1. Revolver
  2. Lead Pipe
  3. Candlestick
  4. Dagger
  5. Wrench
  6. Rope

Cluedo Tips/Guide:

Some useful tips and guidelines to play the Cluedo game are as follows:

  1. Try to figure out about the cards of your opponents by looking at your cards every time.
  2. Make sure to eliminate one possibility on your every turn.
  3. Pay attention to the rooms instead of other places in the house because in rooms you can find the most useful hints and clues.
  4. Always take notes on virtual Clue sheets and never share the newly found information with anyone.
  5. Focus on the suggestions of all opponents because in this way you can figure out which of them is trying to mislead the case.


Cluedo MOD APK is a classic game based on a murder mystery and you have to play this game as a detective to solve this murder case. In the gameplay, you will be provided with a hidden clue on each turn. This clue can help you in solving the mystery and uncover the real culprit. Cluedo MOD APK can also be played in multiplayer mode with your friends online. The modified version of this game can be downloaded from our website for free with its all premium features and exclusive game store items.

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