Enter the Arena! Build your Battle Deck and outsmart the enemy in fast real-time battles. From the creators of CLASH OF CLANS comes a real-time multiplayer battle game starring your favourite Clash characters and more. Start battling against players from around the world!
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If you are searching for a game that can kill your boredom then let me introduce a game full of action, named Clash Royale APK. Whenever boredom strikes, just open this application and start playing it to divert your mind from boredom. This application has very exciting features and is so much fun for you that is the reason why it has millions of users and fans from around the world. 

It is the top-rating and top-reviewing game application on the internet. The ally has to kill the opponent’s army in this war game for the sake of saving his town from looting. To achieve the best results, you must have improved skills and abilities to win against your opponent. This game has some realistic graphics and dynamics that will appeal to users to get engaged with full energy. You will experience the amazing quality of sound effects and you can even create a strong army to save the town from your opponent. Several missions and levels are created to make this game more enjoyable for you.


X-War: Clash of Zombies, Deck Heroes: Legacy, and Card and Castles are some of the alternatives to Clash Royale APK. In X-War: Clash of Zombies, your favorite characters Thor, Iron man, and Hulk will be fighting a war with various zombies, these zombies are almost similar to Clash Royale Apk and it is a fusion of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans

If you are a fan of games having story series like Clash Royale then Deck Heroes: Legacy is the best choice to play and enjoy. You will be fighting to build your empire. For this, you have to gather many powerful creatures and heroes to defeat various enemies. You will get many cards and possibilities to achieve your goal. 

Cards and Castles is an identical twin of Clash Royale, you will be using trading cards to combine MOBA (Multiplayer online battle games) just as Clash Royale, this game has five unique sections where one player is capable of utilizing multi-sections of combo decks. This makes the game very complicated apart from that it is the same as Clash Royale Apk. 

You will experience many amazing and crazy fierce fights in Clash Royale APK. It is progressing by delivering attractive gaming styles like a collection of cards, MOBA, goalkeepers, etc. It is available on Google Play Store and iTunes stores so that users can easily get their hands on this game. While playing this game, players will observe the similarities of this game with Clash of Clans. 

Clash royale background:

There are three defensive and strong towers for each player, those towers protecting the sides on the map to save the main tower. These towers are not movable and cause a huge destruction, you can only fire your target from a certain range if you capture your enemy. 8 cards are given to each player to move appropriately and to smash the large team of enemies. 

Only soldiers and generals can locomote between the front in two ways. When the king and the main house are destroyed, then the match also comes to an end. The army, while protecting your tower, will destroy the enemy’s central tower. Only three minutes will be provided to finish the game but if extra minutes are required then extra minutes will also be offered.

Giants, Wall Breakers, Archers, Barbarian Kings, and several other characters in Clash Royale Mod APK are almost similar to Clash of Clans. The cards are categorized into waves that help you to attack your enemy or defend against it. Attack time, blood, attacking distance, attacking speed, etc, all are stats of cards that will improve and maximize your health while defeating the enemy with your army.

Features of Clash Royale APK:

Multiplayer and one on one fights:

The multiplayer feature of this game will offer you to play with anybody around the world, your friends and family can also play this game by using its multiplayer feature. You will play one-on-one battles against the other player, also you can win exciting gifts and prizes by joining different events in one on one battles. King and queen have to be updated otherwise your clan will be destroyed by the opponent. Share your cards with other players in the multiplayer feature.

High-quality effects and graphics:

The high resolution of its 2D graphics will give you a realistic look at each level. While playing the game, everything seems real because of its high-resolution detailing. The effects of this game are pretty fantastic which makes Clash royale mod APK more enjoyable for you.

Several missions and levels:

This game contains many different levels and missions, to unlock new items and characters, you have to clear each level. Many surprises are waiting for you in winning the events of this game. You can upgrade your clans and troops by finishing each task of this game.

Download the free application:

You can download this game application for free, which means you don’t have to pay a single penny for its premium features. Unlimited cash, coins, and gold are offered for free in this mod version of Clash Royale Apk. 

Great experience of gaming:

This application is fully optimized by developers, you will experience great gaming as its graphics and effects will give you realistic views, and your army can be upgraded to protect your clan and defeat the enemy. This game will smoothly run on your device without lagging or having a glitch. You just have to polish your skills and abilities to defend against your opponent and experience its amazing unlimited features.

Clash royale unlimited everything: 

This mod feature is added in this version, where you have everything unlocked and get everything for free you will have unlimited gold, gems, coins, weapons, cards, deck, and much more. You even build various new buildings by using unique features and expertise, you can even discover some endless upgrades, and even get many exciting and amazing features every day from this epic game of Supercell. Join various events to win battles against your opponent and enjoy winning great rewards.

Clash royale APK all cards:

The total number of cards in the game is 107, the updated version of this game has raised the level cap to level 14 for all the cards, common cards start at level 1, rare cards at level 3, epic cards at level 6, legendary cards at level 9, champion cards at level 11. Following are the names of the cards:

  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Melee
  • Spells
  • Ranged
  • Air units
  • By Elixir
  • Legendary
  • Direct damage
  • Defensive towers
  • Ground units
  • Spawners
  • Common
  • Siege buildings
  • Champion

Clash royale APK cheat:

Cheat codes are available to hack some features or to gain some rewards in the game to save your clan and defeat enemies and opponents.

  • d57EoQ- level up
  • UFK025- common cards will be upgraded
  • pKIqV4- to open a wooden chest
  • jjU5g9- for a rare card
  • 4i98B7- for gold cheat
  • WUXbbz- for crown chest
  • B8pjWr- all cards will be upgraded
  • GjTZbe-for barbarian bowl

Clash Royale Decks:

The best decks of Clash royale APK to help you get started are:

  • Musketeer
  • Zap
  • Mini PEKKA
  • Royal delivery
  • Miner
  • Wall breakers
  • Mega knight 
  • Minions

Clash Royale chest tracker:

The clash royale Apk chest tracker will guide you about which chest you will be receiving the most or which next chest you will be getting. The chest tracker is always working on the rotation, with every three silver chests you will be getting one gold chest, along with a giant chest and a rare magical chest.

Clash royale private server:

The private servers of Clash royale Apk are used for master hacking to improve and enhance the version and skills, the original game file is modified to create a new server of the game but you will not lose original game resources only you will be using a better version of the game with new unlimited resources. Following are the servers that will provide you with unlimited resources, features, and expertise to make this game more enjoyable for you:

  • Phenix royale
  • Nulls royale
  • Master royale
  • Retro royale

Clash royale custom cards:

This is the most enjoyable feature of this game. This feature allows you to change, design, or customize cards according to your own choices and preferences. This feature will increase the enjoyment level of every player and players will experience high-quality upgrades in this game.


Clash royale best cards: 

10 best cards are powerful and have the potential to be used in the right deck to defeat enemies and get exciting rewards:

  • Bowler 
  • Guards 
  • Zap
  • Ice Wizard 
  • Poison 
  • Miner 
  • Lumberjack 
  • Elixir collector 
  • Princess
  • Giant

Clash royale online:

It is a multiplayer online mode where you can play with your friends and other players, which will add more joy to your game as you will be fighting many battles with your enemies and winning many challenges in this game. So, you must have a stable internet connection to enjoy this online multiplayer feature and become a die-heart fan of this amazing war-thriller game.

Clash Royale Bot:

The bot usage is always considered against disciplinary action. The team has worked hard to detect a system that utilizes bots to account for unfair practices in the game. The team is in the process of testing a new system implementation. After several weeks they will start to issue a permanent notice to ban any of the accounts being used by the bot.

Clash Royale APK Requirements for Android:

  • The game is compatible with the operating system, i.e, Android 4.1 or above.
  • It requires a file size of 152MB to download on android phones.
  • One more thing, you must install an APK file before downloading the application on your phone and make sure to have a stable internet connection.

Clash Royale APK download:

  • To download this Clash Royale app, you are required to visit our mentioned link. 
  • When you click on our link, you will land on a web page.
  • From there, kindly press the download button. 
  • After that, it will take a few seconds to download the app.
  • After downloading the app, kindly install the app on your devices. 

Installation commands:

  • After the download is completed, open the APK file in the download manager.
  • Then, permit the unknown resources to install the app.
  • Then, click to install the game app.
  • It will take a few minutes to install the game application.
  • Once the installation is completed, open the game application and start to play with joy and fun.

Clash Royale APK for PC:

So, windows users! The good news for you is that you can also download this app on your PCS, whenever you want. For this purpose, you just need to fulfill some below-mentioned requirements. 

Clash Royale requirements for PC:

  • Windows required for the clash royale apk is Windows XP SP3.
  • The RAM required to run this application is 1GB and the hard disk storage required is 4GB.
  • It is compatible with Intel Pentium 4 or later version and an AMD Athlon 64 graphic card is required for PC download.

PC download commands:

  • To have this game on a PC, you have to download the blue stacks emulator first.
  • Once the emulator is downloaded, start the installation.
  • After the installation, sync accounts by logging into the Google account.
  • Now open the emulator, search for the clash royale APK and click to download it.
  • Voila, the game application is downloaded on your PC.
  • Now, install your app. For installation, follow the same instructions that are mentioned for Androids. 
  • Start playing this game with various features and different cards.

Clash royale requirements for iOS:

This version is compatible with iPhones iOS 9.0 and higher and the file size must be 229.8 MB to download this application.

Installation commands:

To install this application on your iPhone mobile devices, you must follow the steps required for android devices.

Clash Royale requirements for Chromebook:

The supported version of operating software for Chromebook required is 9.0 and newer, you must have at least 4GB of RAM storage and hard disk storage must be 5GB.

Clash royale APK Chromebook:

To download this application on your Chromebook, you have to follow the same downloading steps as required for PCs. 

Clash Royale APK Latest Version:

The latest version of Clash royale APK is v3.2872.3, the Genre of this game is based on action, arcade, strategy, war, combat, and thrill. This version is compatible with android 4.1 and higher which holds a file size of 152 MB. this brilliant version was recently updated on 25 July 2022 (Almost 1.5 months ago). Recently, this version has introduced some mod features to make this game more enjoyable for its amazing users:

  • All new cards can be unlocked.
  • You will get unlimited gems and gold.
  • It has a modified feature that provided everything unlimited.
  • You can easily play this game on Bluestacks and Android.
  • New great battles are added in this game.

On January 21, 2020, this game won the Pocket gamer mobile games awards. Moreover, it offers you various cards and decks to conquer against your opponent. This version has combined elements of tower defense, a multiplayer online battle arena, and a set of card games. It has millions of users and followers, you can even play this version with your friends and other players worldwide.

Clash Royal APK Oldest version:

Version 1.1.2 is the oldest version of Clash royale Apk, it has the same gameplay as compared to the latest version. This oldest version is compatible only with android os 4.0.3 whereas the latest version is compatible with android os 4.1 and higher. 

The only difference between these versions is that you will experience some newly added mod features in the latest version that are already discussed above, and some new characters, enemies, and new battles are introduced in the latest version which you won’t find in the oldest version.

Release date of Clash Royale APK:

The game Clash royale Apk was first soft-launched for iOS platforms on January 4, 2016, in Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, and Australia. Later, it was launched on Android platforms in the same countries on February 16, 2016. This game was released on both platforms on March 2, 2016, worldwide. 

Clash Royale APK Developer:

This real-time strategy free-to-play game was developed by Supercell.


Pros and Cons of Clash Royale APK:


  • This game helps you to create and build up new strategies. 
  • It will assist you to keep a deep analysis of the situation and help you to find solutions to those critical situations accordingly. 
  • This game will help you to sharpen and polish your skill at each level, every case has different answers, different defenses, and solutions. 
  • You will get everything unlimited to play this latest version. 
  • You don’t have to pay money to play this game as it is free of cost. 
  • New characters, new cards, new quests, and new features are added to win every challenge and battle of this game. 
  • It has a multiplayer feature that will help you to play with your friends and other players. You can also customize cards according to each challenge. 


  • The Clash Royale APK has 2D graphics.
  • You can’t enjoy this game while offline. To enjoy this game, you must have a good and proper internet connection on your device. 


The game Clash royale mod APK brings all the necessary features together on one platform to become a phenomenal application in the future. You will experience the most experience gameplay in this application because of the unique and latest tactics and new combinations of cards.

You won’t be disappointed while playing this game as it is worth playing as compared to Hay Day and Clash of Clans. Hence, download this latest version from our website and have a great experience while playing this game.

What's new

• Various minor bug fixes and improvements



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How to install CLASH ROYALE APK Download For PC APK?

1. Tap the downloaded CLASH ROYALE APK Download For PC APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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