Clash Mini APK Download For Android

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Clash Mini APK Download

Clash Mini APK Download For Android is an HD game which allows you to test your skills of strategizing and defending your clans by placing your clan members or warriors in the right manner in order to protect your clan from enemy attacks. It contains Mini creatures which help you to fight against your enemies. This app gives you all the features of Clash of Clans game but in a Mini version. You can always have a 3D visual display of your character so you can re assign positions in order to make perfect strategy. In this version, you will fight against the enemies and defend your clan on a game board rather than in a battlefield.

App Name Clash Mini APK Download For Android
File Size
Version 1.1689.3
4.3 and up
Last Updated
13 Jul 2022

Clash Mini APK iOs

Clash Mini is also available for iOs devices but you need version 9.1 or above in order to play this app. Some interesting features of this app include:

  • Free registration

You can download and play this game for free.

  • Free download

You don’t need to pay anything to download this game.

  • No ads

This version is completely ads free.

  • User-friendly interface

This app contains a user-friendly interface which improves your gaming experience.

  • Categories

There are several categories and you can choose your desired one.

Clash Mini APK Download For Android

Clash Mini APK descargar

Clash Mini APK descargar has the best gaming experience if you talk about fighting against enemies and defending your territory. There is no need to fight on the battlefield but you need to fight on board games by using 5 Minis and 1 hero at a time.

Clash Mini APK hack

Clash Mini APK has its hacks and coupon codes which you can use to earn and collect more coins and gems. These coins will help you in getting extra powers or extra benefits which will help you defend your army in a better way.

Clash Mini APK latest version

Latest version of Clash Mini Mod APK was released on 12 May, 2022 which has some new features that will make your gaming experience more fun and advanced. Some features of the latest version include:

1.A new hero called Skeleton King.

  1. New mini called Royal Ghost.

3.You can unlock minis and rewards by climbing the new Trophy Road.

4.A new border called Under which will bring new minis to life.

5.A supercell skin (Barbari-hen) that will store your progress.

6.With 5 members you can play Raid any time in 24 hours.

7.Heroes first upgrade will be at level 4 and second will be at level 8.

8.Rank Rewards and Star Exchange season 3.

Clash Mini APK Mod

Clash Mini APK Mod makes your gaming experience more fun and exciting with improved sound play, characters and HD visuals. This game has all the features of Clan Super but the only difference is that the characters are in the Mini version and all the features are unlocked. You can enjoy all the premium features in this Mod APK for free.

Clash Mini Global Release Date

The global release date of Clash Mini Mod APK was on 18 November, 2021 and its beta version is being tested in a few regions like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. In these regions or states, people can easily download it on their Android or iOS devices but the date for its release all over the world or in other regions is not known.

Decks of Clash Mini

As this game is new for players, the decks are not known and the deck looking best may not prove out to be good later on. 

1.Deck of DarkApple’s Royal Champion 

The latest update of Clash Mini has introduced a new hero i.e. Royal Champion which can prove out to be beneficial if you line up your heroes in the following order:


2.Deck of GazTommo’s Barbarian King 

In order to get success in this deck the line up of the characters should be in the following order:

LumberJack→Barbarian→Price→ Archer→ Miner→Barbarian King

3.Deck of iTzus’s Archer Queen 

Here  Archer Queen is considered as one of the best heroes. Here the characters are as Archer Queen→ Skeleton guard→Miner→Ice Wizard→Mega Knight→Electro Wizard

4.Deck of Morten’s Shield Maiden

Morten can also prove as one of the best players and if you use it wisely, you can win the game. This deck has

  •  Shield Maiden
  • Mega Knight
  • Archer
  • Miner
  • Electro Wizard

But due to a balance patch, this deck may not work as well as it worked before.

5. Full Frontage’s Monk Deck

This deck contains

  • Monk
  • Miner
  • Magic Archer
  • Skeleton Guard
  • Electro Wizard

But this deck has gotten stronger due to the addition of a balance patch.

6.Deck of Clash Cory’s Countess 

This is also a strong Deck from Clash Mini APK has strong characters like:

  • Countess
  • Electro Wizard
  • Skeleton Guard
  • Archer
  • Wizards
  • Magic Archer

7.Deck of Atomyc’s Countess Skeleton

This Clash Mini deck has:

  • Skeleton Guard
  • Giant Skeleton
  • Magic Archer
  • Spear Goblin
  • Countess
  • Bowler

Clash Mini App Store

If you want to download Clash Mini in non-beta version then you can easily download it on the App Store. The app store version may lack premium features but it is also available on Play Store or App Store.

Clash Mini Best Hero


Countess is considered as one of the strongest heroes of Clash Mini due to its threatening abilities, self-healing powers and it can attack very quickly.

Archer Queen:

Archer Queen can be a best choice either at low or high levels because it has such amazing skills that can turn your game completely.


Monk is one of the best heroes due to its melee attack. It has a skill pool and can attack his enemies at very high speed.

Barbarian King:

Barbarian King is also one of the strong creatures with extra defensive and fighting skills.

Shield Maiden

Shield Maiden is famous for its attacking skills in close range. If paired with a good companion your victory or defeat can depend on it.


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Clash Mini Characters

Clash Mini Mod APk consists of two type of characters i.e. Heroes and Minis. Each character or hero has its own significant role which can help you in winning your battle against your enemies. You can leave one hero and five minis at a time in the battle. Some of the characters of this game are Barbarian King, Archer, Monk, Miner, Shield Maiden and Countess etc.

Clash Mini Gameplay

Clash Mini is basically a strategic board game which allows its users to enjoy its favorite features coming to life and winning battles and defense against enemies by placing its troops or warriors at right positions. The game then allows you to check whether the strategy is successful or not.

Clash Mini Twitter

Clash Mini Mod APK  official version has its Twitter handle which keeps you updated about new updates, modifications and people can also retweet by sharing their personal experiences regarding this game.

Clash Mini Update

Clash Mini was last updated on 12 May, 2022 with astonishing features including a new hero, new mini and much updated and advanced board game. The updates are made depending upon the demands of its users and the developers are very much interested in engaging their audience regularly by introducing more interesting features.

Clash Mini APK Download For Android


Is it safe to install Clash Mini Mod APK?

Yes, this app is safe to install if you are installing it from a safe and reliable source.

Does downloading Clash Mini APK harm my phone?

No, this game is totally virus free and is tested by top malware platforms.

Does this app work on all devices?

Yes, this app works on all devices having android version above 4.4.

Why do you need permission to download Clash Mini APK hack?

Because this app needs permission in order to access your device.

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