Cheat Droid Pro Apk V2.5.5 (no root) -Download for Android APK free

App Name Cheat Droid Pro Apk
File Size 2.3 MB
Version V 2.5.5
Requirement Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated October 2021

Cheat Droid Pro Apk

Cheat Droid Pro Apk

Cheat Droid Pro Apk is used for Android and with the help of this application, you can hack your mobile games and create different cheats for your favorite games and customize your phone to your liking. If you’ve forgotten your password for various apps or games, cheat droid pro 2.1 cracked apk will help you. You can edit the shared settings for Android apps and the shared settings essentially save the information of a game or app on Android. The second thing is the privacy settings, nobody wants their privacy settings to be changed and this application also allows you to customize your privacy settings.

Cheat Droid Pro Apk Introduction

Cheat Droid Pro apk is the patch application that gives its user developer authority and allows him to customize shared preferences of the app by debugging it to find security loopholes. It can help to get premium or pro versions of apps for free, modifying the game parameters, and it’s working by finding the breaches of the application. If you are interested in hacking and want to customize your own privacy policy. Then this apk is for you. cheat droid pro apk 2021is a shared preferences editor for Android that will help you get access and edit those stored settings and information of your phone data. cheat droid pro 2.3.3 apk for android and cheat droid pro apk editor for desktops is also available


Unblock Paid Apps: In addition, it’s one in every of the foremost vital areas of fraud-spreading activity. Premium and Pro features of the app can be easily unlocked.

Easy management of phone:  Application management is very easy with cheat droid pro apk mod and unused applications can be removed.

Ad removal: Moreover, this app also allows to simply remove ads from any app.

Transfer of Files: It is easy to export and import priority files. Besides It also help to edit data and simply read SQLite database.

Availability: Cheat Droid professional is appropriate for all versions of humanoid and iOS. cheat droid pro apk ios is available Alternatively, you can install your own application while not an external file.


Close other apps: This allows the app to terminate the background processes of other apps. This can cause other applications to stop working.

Delete content: Change or delete the contents of your USB storage device.

Cheat Droid Pro apk Features

This is completely free and you can easily download it in a few seconds. It can edit various information in common settings and hack and play the games you want with 100% security. To learn more about the application, you need to know what exactly they offer. Here I will show you all the available features that Cheat Droid Pro currently offers.

  • Shared Preferences Editor

Most Android applications utilize shared inclinations to store settings and data about clients. Cheat Droid Pro has Shared Preferences Editor which permits clients to see and even alter that data. Yet, to do that, it requires Root Grant or consent in the proprietor’s gadget.

  • Power Launch App

Each Android client has once dealt with an issue when they can’t ready to dispatch certain applications on their telephone. Indeed, presently you don’t need to stress over it, Cheat Droid Pro has an answer for such conditions. It has a Force dispatch application highlight that can powerfully open any application or game on the telephone regardless of whether the application isn’t dispatching typically. That is really an incredible element of Cheat Droid Pro.

  • Supports Android Kitkat

Cheat Droid Pro, it actually upholds Android KitKat and a couple of other old adaptations. Furthermore, old Android clients can utilize this application if they have Rooted their Android.

  • Reinforcement App Settings and Preferences

Previously or in the wake of altering shared inclinations in any application utilizing Cheat Droid Pro you can reinforce the settings. This is truly useful when you are trying or adding new codes to the application. In any case, on the off chance that if something turns out badly, you will in any case have the reinforcement which you can reestablish to return to the default settings. That is likewise a splendid component of Cheat Droid Pro.


  • Google Play Protect must be deactivated on your phone
  • 100 MB free space in the main memory of your
  • Root permission



Why is my antivirus warning me when I open the Cheat Droid Pro app?

This could be the result of the ad network that developers use. Please understand that since this app is free, they are trying to make at least a little money to further develop the project.

What is root and why does Cheat Droid Pro not work without it?

Basically, root access gives your Android smartphone administrator rights (including editing system files like Cheat Droid Pro). Hence, in order to properly use Cheat Droid Pro and make changes to apps and games, you need a rooted phone.

Why can’t you find a lot of common settings for editing?

Since no developer is forced to use Shared Preferences, these apps can use another way to save their Cheat Droid Pro It does not work everywhere.


Wrapping Up

This article has given all the information required for this app. Now, it is possible to hack any game and gets cheats like a pro. Using Premium and Pro in paid apps is free and easy as the APK tools in Cheat Droid Pro mode are better at managing and hacking apps. You can also remove annoying ads from your favorite games and spot Application Vulnerabilities to start cheating.  In addition to the UI, it’s smooth, and easy to use. Let me answer some common questions about the Cheat Droid Pro application so you have no doubts.


Cheat Droid Pro Apk Review


Cheat Droid Pro Apk is used for Android and with the help of this application, you can hack your mobile games and create different cheats for your favorite games and customize your phone to your liking. If you’ve forgotten your password for various apps or games.

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