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Is your Android phone or tablet full of junk and running slowly?
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Aug 12, 2022
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CCleaner Mod APK:

CCleaner MOD APK With the increased usage of mobile phones, a lot of files that are considered to be wasted tend to accumulate in the device and cause storage problems in the device. To avoid these problems, one must install a cleaner application on his device to clean the garbage and optimize the device automatically. Today’s topic of discussion is an amazing cleaning application that has made life for users pretty much convenient.

Start reading the article to know more depth about its features.

About CCleaner Mod APK:

CCleaner Mod APK is an application used for cleaning the extra and unused files from the device. These files basically accumulate in the device and cause storage issues by covering extra space in the mobile. Due to this feature, the device constantly shows the notification of ‘no storage’ and as a result, the user cannot save or download any more data on the device.

Sometimes, due to extra wastage on the device, the device starts to lag and the speed of the device tends to become slower leaving the user frustrated. Although there are many applications available on the internet of the same genre, CCleaner Mod APK is unique and matchless due to its amazing features.

This application can work both in manual and automatic modes. The automatic mode of cleaning makes life easier as the application itself detects the cache file, obsolete files, and residuals that are of no use and should be deleted from the device to free up space in the device.

CCleaner Mod APK Features:

CCleaner Mod APK is one of the best wastage cleaner applications available on the internet which not only figures out the unused or duplicate files but also gives notifications from time to time to delete these files.

Some of the amazing features of the application are given below :

Friendly to use interface:

Whenever the user uses any authentic application while performing a realistic task on the device, they usually tend to quit the process as they are not able to understand the working of the application and the features of applications are not clear enough that users are not able to understand the navigation provided by the application.


Such hindrance has been omitted in the case of CCleaner Mod APK as the application is provided with an easy-to-understand interface.  Once the user enters into the application, he can easily understand and know about the working of the application, step by step. Anyone with zero knowledge about the android operating system can handle this application without any issues or obstacles.

Enjoy customization of the features:

Through this cleaning application, the user can customize the working of the application.

There are two methods by which the application works.

One method is the time taking process in which the user has to select all the deletable, unused, or duplicate files and then tap on the cleaning option of the application.

The second method is quite easy, in case you have a shortage of time but you are quite frustrated due to the storage issue in your device. In such circumstances, the user can tap the scanning mode in which the application starts to scan automatically and clean the cache and obsolete files from the device.

Get storage information directly from the application:

One of the unique and distinctive features of this application is that this application constantly tells about the remaining storage space in the device, before and after the cleaning of the device.

With the help of this application, one can keep a check on the remaining space of the device and in this way, can manage the space on time.

Delete the unnecessary applications:

This application offers a stunning feature in which the application on scanning, gives a list of applications that you don’t use or use often.

Through this list, you can make up your mind about deleting the application from the device and managing the storage of the device.

Moreover, you can constantly remove the cache easily, if there is any data backlog.

Delete the images which are not required:

  • In this application, the user can also enjoy the facility of deleting the images which occupy extra space in the device.
  • In this folder, the application scans the images which are present 2-3 times in a single pose, which can be selected by the user, and deleted afterward.
  • These pictures can be saved as a single copy so that less space is occupied by these images.

Optimize the usage of applications on your device:

Many applications keep on running in the background and cause lagging of the device, and can easily be optimized by the cleaning application.

These applications affect the performance of the device as they don’t shut down on their own.

Download CCleaner Mod APK and enjoy the fast-paced performance of your device.

CCleaner Mod APK – Download:

CCleaner Mod APK is an online application offering amazing features to the users through which the storage and performance of the device get better.

To do improvements to your device, the user must have to download the application by following the procedure offered below:

  1. Press on the link of the website given in the article and then try to save the mod APK version on your device.
  2. Then click on the option of settings and then on the security settings where you can easily click on the option of downloading from external sources because we are presently dealing with third-party applications.
  3. Then locate the mod APK file in the storage of the device and press on it to download.
  4. Enjoy the successful installation of the application within a few seconds.

CCleaner Mod APK – PC:

CCleaner Mod APK is not only available on android and IOS devices but also can be installed on PC to remove the unused and wastage file from PC and ultimately clean the PC.

To download the application on a PC, one must follow these steps.

  1. Download the emulator ‘bluestacks’ first on your PC by using any browser available on the PC.
  2. Then through this emulator, search the mod APK file.
  3. Then download the application through the Microsoft store on the PC
  4. In case, the application doesn’t start working, restart the PC and the issue will be resolved.

CCleaner Mod APK – Latest version:

The latest version of CCleaner Mod APK is

The latest version of CCleaner Mod APK offers users premium features so that the user can easily clean their devices without any worry.

The mod menu of this latest version involves the pro unlocked everything feature, for free.

CCleaner Mod APK – Crack:

CCleaner Crack is a code that offers a specific feature free to the user, developed by the hacker for the convenience of the user. There are a lot of websites on the internet including the warez website or BitTorrent which are offering cracked versions to the users but the user must know that cracked versions are not legal and they can cause viruses or malware attacks on the device.

While the modded version of any device is considered to be the cracked or hacked version of the original application. The benefit of CCleaner Mod APK is that it is safe with anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-ban effects. Moreover, the privacy of the user will remain intact and safe.

But to install the application, you must uninstall any previous version of the application, if any present on the device for a successful installation of the recent version.

CCleaner Mod APK – License key / Activation key:

The license key is granted to the user when they purchase the application directly from the website.

  • This license key will give the ultimate protection to the user so that they cannot download any other software which includes any virus or is illegal.
  • After downloading the application, the user has to login into the application by entering this license key, making the user’s experience safe and sound.
  • This license key is also called the activation key as it helps the user to activate the account on this application.

CCleaner Mod APK – Hack:

Many hacks are available on the internet for CCleaner. One of the hacks is given below :

  1. Install and download the application
  2. Open archive file
  3. Open setup file
  4. Wait for installation
  5. Then run the program from your device, successfully.
  6. The cracked version will automatically be installed on your device, but in case it is not working, then disable the VPN.
  7. Now try to download using another browser

Moreover, the hacks are some changes done in the software by the hacker to provide the free version of the application.

So, in case any hack is not working for you or the link is not working then you can surely download the application from the link given here as this is the mod version and offers access to all the premium features unlocked and free.

CCleaner Mod APK – IOS:

This application can also be downloaded on IOS devices and the user can remove all the junk files from their IOS devices using this application.

To download the application on your iPhone devices, 

  1. You must attach your mobile to the computer via a data cable.
  2. After this, open iTunes applications on your computer.
  3. Then find the mod APK file on this application and download it.
  4. After downloading, move the file from the computer to the iPhone.

CCleaner Mod APK – Icon:

The icon of any application is the logo of the application.

  • The icon of CCleaner Mod APK includes a red color C in a bold letter having a paintbrush on it.
  • Moreover, the users are also facing some issues with the icon.
  • Sometimes the icon of the application disappeared from the desktop itself.
  • Then the user must reinstall the application. Upon reinstallation, the application will offer you to create a new icon for your desktop.
  • Also, you can download these icons from different websites on the internet, for free.

CCleaner Mod APK – Login

After a successful installation of the application on your device, open the application.

  • The front page of the screen asks for the license or activation key which has been granted to the user when he pays for the application.
  • Enter the key and start your journey with the original application.
  • But if you have downloaded the mod version, as it is free to download, there is no formality of login into the application.
  • The user can directly enjoy the premium features of the application after installing the application.

CCleaner Mod APK – Review:

There are some reviews from the authentic website of CCleaner.

  1. Someone says: there are many better options than CCleaner as there are many bugs in this.
  2. Someone says: my computer was clogged with cluttered files, but all thanks to this application to remove the junk files from my computer.
  3. Someone says: I will rate this application as one of the best applications to clean the device.

CCleaner Mod APK – Trial:

When you have downloaded the application, the application offers a 14-day free trial to the users in which the user can use the application for free and can understand the working mode of the application in a better way.

CCleaner Mod APK – Update:

CCleaner tends to update the versions of the application automatically without doing anything manually. The most updated version of CCleaner is v5.86.9258 which is released on 20, October 2021 and then updated on 22, August 2022.


CCleaner Mod APK – Conclusion:

CCleaner Mod APK is one of the most demanded applications of this era as it cleans all the junk from devices including android, IOS, and PC. Through this feature, the speed of the device is enhanced without disturbing the privacy of the device.

We will recommend you download this application because of its matchless features.

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How to install CCleaner MOD APK Download For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded CCleaner MOD APK Download For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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