Catmouse APK+ Mod v3.0 (Download For PC, Android and FIRESTICK)

App Name Catmouse APK
File Size 24 MB
Version V 3.0
Requirement Android 5.0 +
Last Updated October 2021

Catmouse APK

Catmouse APK

Catmouse APK is an all-in-one media downloading software for Android which brings you lots of Movies and TV shows from almost every country and every category. It even includes some famous channels like Disney, Korean dramas, Japanese anime, comedy, children’s cartoons, action, games,s and many more. Isn’t it super convenient to find everything under one roof? Well, undoubtedly it is.

So what are you waiting for? Download Catmouse APK from this download link and enjoy the non-stop dose of entertainment.

Catmouse APK Introduction

Each category of cat mouse has multiple lists for you to choose what to download. For example, if you’re looking for movies, you’ll find a list of popular movie releases at the top of the application. If your favorite shows are on, you will see a list of recent episodes available for your entertainment. And if you want to check out the new releases, there are lists of current popular TV shows that anyone can enjoy.


  • All you need to do is to download catmouse app to your phone, tap the play icon and you can begin enjoying your TV shows and movies straight from your phone’s screen.
  • Catmouse for android uses the built-in widgets for the TV screen to show the latest information, latest episodes, and new releases.
  • It looks very sleek and sophisticated with its clean and simple design.
  • The unique and fully customizable catmouse download user interface allows you to switch easily between multiple screens.
  • The only thing you need to do to get the most out of this application is to learn how to use catmouse widgets.
  • The beauty of catmouse apk widgets is that it is an amazing way to enjoy live TV from your mobile phone without any interruption.
  • There are hundreds of TV channels and thousands of programs to choose from. You will have an easy time browsing the available programs, while they appear on your screen like a thumbnail.
  • Catmouse for PC is fully customizable, so you can change the icons and the background of the app just as you would do on your computer.
  • No installation is needed, simply install the widget, open the TV channel or program you wish to enjoy, and start watching without interruption.
  • When you get bored with the TV show you are following, you can simply switch to the next program or channel.
  • The free contents of the app include: Live NBA Games, Featured Movies, TV shows, news, weather, and many more. You can even find your favorite TV shows in your particular language.
  • The app supports VPN/PPP/HSDPA wireless connections which allow it to function smoothly on most android devices.

If you want to try out the real-debrid, you need to find a website that offers it for free. Once you found one, you can download the application from their official website for free. It is highly recommended that you read the guidelines provided on the website carefully before downloading any app. You must also make sure that your smartphone has a high-definition screen, especially the HD resolution so you can see the videos without any problems.


Since the catmouse apk is an android app, it can be downloaded easily using any secure android device download manager. The app can be installed immediately after downloading it from the Google Play Store. It requires zero storage space and only requires minimal system resources. The good thing about the app is that it utilizes the Android system’s icons for navigation, so it makes it easier for users to find and select applications and games.

The most useful feature of the catmouse apk is the quick and easy installation process.

Installation process

  • The first step of the installation process requires you to swipe the free catmouse icon located on the left side of the screen and follow the simple steps indicated on the screen. After successfully installing the app, you will notice that the icon changes its position thus allowing the application to be installed and activated on your smartphone. After successfully running the app, you will just need to wait for the icon to disappear from your smartphone’s screen and you can now use it easily.
  • You do not have to worry much if you have no technical knowledge about installing android applications because the entire process is made very easy and convenient for beginners.
  • The step-by-step video guides as well as a manual that contains the complete list of the steps needed for successfully installing and running the catmouse apk are provided on the application’s website.
  • These manuals will help you easily install and run this amazing android application. The instructions of the complete step-by-step process are divided into several sections so that you can understand them easily as well. There are also videos containing a demo on how to use the catmouse apk with your smartphone.

Here’s a list of some of the frequently asked questions about this app or its feature. These frequently asked questions will help you better understand this remarkable new technology.



Is it available for free?

Yes it is absolutely free.

Does it need VPN to work properly?

It is completely your choice but it’s better to use VPN to avoid any online issue.

Do we need to root our device for using this application?

No, not necessarily you don’t need to root your device for using this application.

Is it safe to Use this apk file?

Yes, it is absolutely safe as its prior tested and approved by experts.


Wrapping Up

Besides all these amazing features, the developers of this amazing application have made it more convenient for the users. If you are fond of entertainment, you will not want to miss out on the opportunities provided by this application. Make sure to download it and share it with your friends and family ahead of.
In case of any inconvenience or queries feel free to notify us in the comments section and we will definitely respond to all your queries as soon as possible





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  • Catmouse APK


Catmouse APK is an all-in-one media downloading software for Android which brings you lots of Movies and TV shows from almost every country and every category. It even includes some famous channels like Disney, Korean dramas, Japanese anime, comedy, children’s cartoons, action, games,s and many more.

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