Carrom Pool Disc Game Mod Apk Latest Version

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Carrom Pool Disc Game Mod Apk

You’re about to indulge in a relaxing and entertaining mobile games using Carrom Pool Disc Game. Enjoy the classic Indian board game, but with better game mechanics and gameplay. The best part is that it is now possible to play your preferred game directly from pockets of Android devices. Enjoy the many exciting features in the game, and also join other gamers from around the world play in exciting matches.

App Name Carrom Pool Dics Game Mod Apk
File Size
4.4 and up
Last Updated
10 January 2022

Relax and enjoy yourself by engaging in a myriad of Carrom challenges that feature smart players and engaging mobile gaming. Discover a variety of exciting game modes that feature unique and intriguing designs. Play a fun board game with your friends and all other gamers. Bet and then beat your opponents to win big cash prizes.


For those who do not know, Carrom is easily considered one of the most well-known board games that came from India. You can play the game in a group of four players each of them occupying their own part of the table. Just make your shots and then guide the Carrom into the four holes in one of the tables corners. The player who makes the best shots and accumulates the most points wins the game. It’s similar to the exception of a few minor changes to rules and game play.

Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk
Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk

Now, with Carrom Pool Disc Game’s mobile game accessible on Android devices It’s going to be more convenient for players to play their favorite game in Carrom Pool Disc Game. Join with players online and friends across the globe to play this thrilling board game. Pick your table and the caroms, and begin playing when you’re prepared.

You can play the basic but engaging game play on mobile devices. Make use of the smooth controls and fantastic physical physics to make this game extremely enjoyable. In addition, to make things more exciting, Carrom Pool Disc Game provides a range of thrilling games where players are able to bet on other players. You can win to earn amazing prizes, or lose and forfeit the entire prize. In addition you can play with other players in numerous intense and addictive combats.


Here are the best features the game has to include:

There are many game modes to play

To begin, Android users can enjoy their thrilling game of Carrom Pool Disc Game with two game modes. You are free to play playing the classic Indian board game with Carrom mode. You can also play the updated mobile board game that includes Disc Pool. However, you’ll enjoy either one of these games to be both extremely enjoyable and entertaining.

Join with your friends and fellow gamers online

If you are looking to play, you can join your fellow gamers online in a variety of thrilling matchups in the Carrom Pool Disc Game. Play a variety of friendly Carrom fights with your friends and other players. Enjoy the more challenging challenges in the mode of ranked. Strike and fight against your opponents to win wins. Earn your proper positions on the table of rankings and get special rewards in the Carrom Pool Disc Game. Have fun regardless of the matchup you’re in.

Additionally using your social media accounts that are linked to Carrom Pool Disc Game, you’ll find your friends that play Carrom Pool Disc Game and quickly join them in exciting match-ups. Additionally, the account connected to it can also be synced and secure your game-related information.

Touch controls that are intuitive and precise physical

To ensure that the sport is playable and enjoyable for everyone, Carrom Pool Disc Game is also equipped with user-friendly touch controls as well as accurate game-playing physics, which will make it much more enjoyable to play with. You are free to unleash your best hits by using a guided dash line and make the most of the interactivity gesture controls. Keep your eyes on the ball and make sure you victory, thanks to the precise in-game physics.

Many different pucks and strikers

If you are curious, you can take pleasure in working with various pucks and strikers for Carrom Pool Disc Game, each one with their own unique applications. Try out each one and try to use all the props available. So, allowing Android gamers to enjoy their favourite games to the highest degree.

There are many free reward chests for you to play

When you succeed in winning the games you play, take on challenges or complete specific tasks during the Carrom Pool Disc Game, there will be free prize chests to gather to earn specific prizes. Be sure to collect all of them to accumulate the most exciting rewards and bonuses from the game.

Keep busy and grab your free gift

Here at Carrom Pool Disc Game, players can also earn lots of exciting prizes, simply being active during the day. You are welcome to play the game on a regular basis to take advantage of your golden shots. This gives you a great chance to win special prizes. Don’t overlook the golden shots if your goal is to enjoy the game the maximum.

Improve your strikers and get the use of unique effects

If you are one of those who are curious, you can upgrade your strikers within the Carrom Pool Disc Game and allow a variety of distinctive visual effects. Create striking players that are unique from other strikers by utilizing the latest features. Experience the thrilling online gaming even more when you play with the new strikers and the frenzied strikes.

Have fun playing at different tables

For making the experience more exciting, Android gamers can also opt to play in the world in stunning arenas of Carrom the Pool Disc game. Try out various tables that have different setups and intriguing designs. This will keep you glued to your most loved mobile board game.

Play offline whenever you’d like

In Carrom Pool Disc Game, Android players can now play offline games on their mobile devices at any time and anywhere they choose to go. This will make the game easier to access and more enjoyable for the majority of players. You are free to pick your most preferred game modes and get ready having fun playing Carrom Pool Disc Game whenever you’re prepared.

Play for free

Even with all the amazing features it is accessible to all gamers to play on their mobile devices. Therefore, you can download it and get started enjoying some of the features. Keep in mind that there are certain advertisements and in-game purchases available for you to buy if you are looking to have a full-featured mobile game.

Access the game that is unlocked on our website

In order to ensure that you don’t be spending a penny on the mobile version we also have an modified and unlocked version of Carrom Pool Disc Game on our website. You can play with the unlimited game money and enjoy the free application. All that is required is to run this Carrom Pool Disc Game Mod APK Follow the instructions, and you’re ready to start.

Sound and visual quality


In Carrom Pool Disc Game, Android gamers are introduced the simple and easy board game thanks to its easy-to-use interface and user-friendly features. While at the same time using a precisely constructed board table as well as the game’s components, Carrom Pool Disc Game will show players the real-life game setups. With the addition of visually appealing effects, you’ll be able to enjoy Carrom Pool Disc Game to the max.

Sound & Music

Prepare to get lost in the amazing game of Carrom Pool Disc Game and experience its immersive audio and sound effects. Enjoy a myriad of captivating audio tracks as well as additional audio elements. These will definitely delight many.

How do I install Carrom Pool Mod APK

It’s quite simple for you to download the game because it’s not difficult for downloading the game. Here is the full procedure for downloading this game.

  1. The first step is to check the settings on your phone. Then, go to the settings of your.
  2. Navigate to the unknown resources, and turn on this option to ensure that you are able to download this game.
  3. Then go back to Google and download this game by following the link.
  4. After that then, launch the file manager and then, open the Android folder.
  5. Find this game and play it.
  6. Click on the Install option.
  7. It will get downloaded in a matter of seconds, consequently, you are able to enjoy this game.

Final thoughts

In Carrom Pool Disc Game, Android players will have chance to play the classic Indian board game with their friends and other players from around the world. While playing you can also experience a myriad of exciting game modes that make the mobile game even more fun. Take part in various exciting and original tasks within the game to earn unique rewards. Engage with other players around the world. You will always have access the app for free and unlocked on our site.


Is this download safe to Use?

Yes, it’s 100 100% safe and secure for play, and our team is working to ensure that the game is running smoothly and is free of viruses which means you can play the game without worrying about it.

Do I have all the features in-game listed by the game’s description?

You’ll get every feature, unlimited gems and gold coins as well as all Carrom arenas and boards are free to play as you are playing the top version that is cracked! Download it now and test this game!

Can I be banned from playing?

The Carrom Pool Apk includes a fully-proof Anti-Ban feature that means the original servers won’t be able to track your activities. Therefore, you don’t need to sign in to enjoy all of the options. Install and enjoy!

To enjoy this video game, I have to sign up?

It is not necessary to sign in to the game as Carrom Pool Apk comes with all the features, and even its premium features for a fee. Install the game, and start playing.

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