Car Simulator Vietnam APK 1.2.3 (Unlimited Money) Download For Android

App Name Car Simulator Vietnam APK
File Size 90 MB
Version V 1.2.3
Requirement Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated October 2021

Car Simulator Vietnam APK

Car Simulator Vietnam APK

Dear fans of the game CARSON, today we are pleased to introduce you to our new game CARSON Vietnam Map. The game has become even more popular than it was before, with the addition of many excellent features, such as new advanced players, turning on/off headlights and brake lights, etc. It also brings back some faces that you will remember from previous games, like SONNY2 (from Truck Simulator Vietnam), TRUNG (from Bus Simulator Vietnam) and especially an old friend who drives an amazing tuk tuk tuk …! And there are many surprises for you in this game Car Simulator Vietnam Apk. Try it.

What is Car Simulator Vietnam APK 2021?

Real driving in Vietnam’s bridges and mountain roads, whether you are a beginner or a pro driver, this game could help you have a lot of fun. Online play mode with a ranking system is available for players who would like to compete against another player. This game provides more than 40 cars including the

popular BMW, Mercedes Benz, or Nissan cars which are very rare to see in Vietnam. Support is also given for users’ requests for new maps that will improve driving experiences.

Updated Cars

We have been upgraded this version to be much better than previous versions. In this release, we have added a new user interface as well as the ability to drag and place 5 seaters and 7-seater cars as you wish. Just imagine that you are in a real car by playing this game.

How would you feel, if you become a driver of a huge freight or a passenger bus? It’s amazing to experience for everyone. This game will give you that experience plus much more. You may enjoy it even though you don’t know about this type of vehicle. Just ride safely and take your passengers to their destination at the time they need.

Car Simulator Vietnam APK Features

This game includes:

  • Automatic Folding Mirrors
  • Sunroof
  • Car Changing Colors
  • Change Weather anytime during the game
  • 3D Graphics of High Quality
  • Availability of Manual and Automatic modes
  • No Advertisement
  • Braking System
  • Short GPS Route Maps
  • Take screenshots during games and can share them on social media
  • Can change sitting position
  • Easy Control Modes Available, like; Steering wheel, keyboard,
  • Can save the Game’s Process
  • Turning On/Off the Engine Mode

Car Simulator Vietnam is a 3D driving simulator in Vietnam. At the beginning of the game, you create a driver card where you enter personal information such as name, gender, address, etc. After that, you can explore places such as Hanoi or Saigon and drive popular vehicles such as automotive, cars, motorbikes,s and SUVs. The popular traffic environment in Vietnam is also available to simulate and test your skills and abilities and enjoy the exciting and dynamic driving experience.

What’s New?

Car Stimulator Vietnam has;

  • Updated Cars of 7 seats
  • Updated Maps
  • Latest Car Accessories
  • Opened Doors, Trunk, Engine Covers, Wiper
  • Open Electric Mirrors
  • Mapping Flood
  • Electronic Remote


Can I download this game on my Android?

Downloading a Car Simulator Vietnam Mod APK is not a difficult job. You just have to need Bluetooth and a server that allows you to download these funny games.

Is the game hard to play or easy?

The game has an excellent, easy, and simple interface to use, where you can easily apply all the unlocked features. You can play using cars, motorcycles or trucks. You need to prove your skills

with a simple phone speed, control your car on the road to be able to score points.

Is this game safe or not?

Car Simulator Vietnam APK is not like other apps you’ve tried before. This app has many outstanding features that make it stand out from other similar apps. From the creators of popular games like Parking Car Multiplayer Game and car parking mod game, this game is another masterpiece created by the same team!

Is Car Stimulator Vietnam APK free?

Car Simulator Vietnam is an Android Car Driving Simulator for Kids. It is totally free and easy to play, we already invested a lot of time on this application and we thought that it would be great if we share it for free for everyone. You can use our simulator offline and you don’t need to pay any additional fees.


Wrapping Up

Many users have been looking for a car simulator from which they can enjoy exploring Vietnam. Thanks to this app, now you can explore a beautiful country on a sunny day on a beach with a

stunning girl by your side. Try on beautiful vehicles and buy amazing upgrades for them. Screech tires and make cool wheelies! Endless roads and extreme jumps will be your next challenge. Try on the racing mechanics offered by this app and drive as fast as you can without forgetting safety rules of course.


Car Simulator Vietnam APK Review
  • Car Simulator Vietnam APK


Real driving in Vietnam’s bridges and mountain roads, whether you are a beginner or a pro driver, this game could help you have a lot of fun. Online play mode with a ranking system is available for players who would like to compete against another player.

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