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Introduction of Bully anniversary:

Bully Anniversary Mod Apk is a single-player action-adventure game set in an open-ended environment that encourages exploration and nonlinear gameplay. The player takes control of mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins as he goes about his daily life at the fictional New England boarding school, Bull worth Academy.

App Name Bully Anniversary Mod APK
File Size 11M
Requirement 8.0 and up
Last Updated December 5, 2018

The game has few missions, instead of relying on the player to explore and complete tasks that can contribute towards their final score. There are several mini-games scattered throughout the world and new activities have been added to engage players who may have already completed the original title.

Bully Anniversary Mod APK

What is Bully anniversary Mod APK?

A bully anniversary Mod APK is an apk file that has been modified by advanced users. It’s a file that is used to modify the original game in order to get various advantages not available in the original version. Cheats, unlimited money, unlimited energy and so on.

Because some games are very limited and we want to have more fun playing them (for example, we can’t get all the levels, complete all challenges and so on). For example, if you want to play Bully: Anniversary Edition without any limitations – you should use Bully anniversary .

To have more fun. To make it easier to complete all levels and enjoy the game without having to worry about additional purchases for money or keys for unlocking new content. All files are made only for educational purposes and without any profit.

Game features:

The Bully Anniversary Edition comes with tons of new features that will make you fall in love with the game all over again. Here are just a few:

  1. A new tutorial mode that will help you get started on the right foot.
  2. A new mission that pits you against Gary Smith, one of the most popular students at Bullworth Academy.
  3. A whole new playable character – Gary Smith!
  4. A brand new environment to explore – Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon.
  5. The ability to play as Gary Smith and complete missions as him during free roam time.
  6. New Easter eggs that will keep you entertained for hours upon hours.

Mod feature of this game:

Are you a big fan of the Bully game? If so, you will be very happy to know that there is a mod for this game. This mod has been released by some fans who were inspired by the Bully game. The mod will allow you to play online with your friends. In fact, you will have the opportunity to play on different devices simultaneously.

Here are some of the features that this mod has:

  • You can enjoy playing the characters in multiplayer form
  • You can also utilize additional features that are not available in the original version of the game
  • You will get unlimited health and unlimited money.

How to download and install Bully anniversary Mod APK?

Bully Anniversary Edition is a re-imagining of Rockstar’s 2006 classic Bully, bringing it from the previous generation of gaming into the current console generation with updated visuals and a host of new features.

You are able to install the modded app without removing the original game. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Download Bully anniversary  
  • Install it on your Android device;
  • Open the application and enjoy playing without paying for something that you can get for free


Bully Anniversary Edition for Android – gamers will return to Bull worth Academy, where they can play as the main character or even another student. In this virtual version of the school, players will not only have to fight with rivals but also get involved in various mini-games, as well as participate in social activities.

In addition, fans of Bully: Anniversary Edition offers a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with other players from around the world. You can play with friends or strangers so that each victory would be more important than ever!


Q: Is it safe to download apk from here?

A: Absolutely! Our apps are verified by our own engineers or by the developers themselves before being uploaded to the site. We believe in providing the best user experience for our users, so we make sure that every app uploaded is working flawlessly and free of viruses or malware.

Q: Can I play with an emulator?

A: NO! You must have a physical device to play this game. You can’t emulate a physical device and play this game.

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