Boxing Star Mod Apk 3.1.0 (Unlimited Money and Gold)

App Name Boxing Star Mod Apk
File Size 85 MB
Version V3.1.0
Requirement Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated September 2021

If you are a boxing fan this game is created just according to your preference. Boxing star mod apk is basically a blend of both boxing and action. Authentic boxing experience with 3D experience was never this easy. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie boxing star mod apk doesn’t discriminate as it’s very easy to use and the controls in this game are quite manageable as well.

So what are you waiting for just download this exciting game from this download link and have the maximum fun.

Boxing Star Mod Apk

Boxing Star Mod Apk

Google has made a great introduction to the Android Market with its new application: Boxing Star Mod apk unlimited money. This application adds a lot of fun to the existing game, in the form of in-game money. It also gives the gamer the option of creating their own star and going head to head against other players, all while increasing their star level. It is easy enough to use, as just follow the on-screen guide and you are all set. You can either use the in-game money to buy items and level up or cash out for items and experience to get to the next levels.


  • This application uses the Android Market’s in-built code to allow you to connect with other players. It does so by displaying a contact button on your Android device and enabling you to connect with them. Once you’ve connected to them you can now challenge them to a boxing match.
  • To do this, all you have to do is tap on the boxing star mod icon and select the ‘Create battle’ option. The icon will turn red and you will be prompted to enter your user name and password to gain access to your device.
  • Here you will see that you have a couple of choices. You can either fight in a Free Fight or an Arena, where you will be able to pick the type of fighter you would like to fight.
  • To win you will need to score more points than your opponent. The winning player is rewarded with unlimited money which they can use to purchase any items they want. To download boxing star mod apk latest version 2021, just tap on Google play store to find it.
  • This mod offers the player one of the most authentic and realistic boxing experiences available. With its innovative battle strategies, this software enhances the overall boxing experience. The players also get to experience a virtual ringmaster and trainer right in-game. This gives them an up-close and personal view of how professional fighters train and prepare themselves before every fight.
  • When you download this mod, you will instantly see a new menu and screen. Here you can change your punches and choose which style you prefer. The different styles include Blocking Style, Power Punching Style, and Wing Style. Each has its own unique attribute and attributes which make them the best boxer in the world. There are eight different settings for these eight boxing styles which include:
  • To upgrade your boxing star mod apk unlimited everything, just log in to your Google Play and tap on the “APK Installer” located at the bottom of the page. Select the settings and then you will be asked to download the APK file. After downloading you will need to install the program. Just click on the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions. After installation is complete you can then activate the mod by going to the settings and then selecting “league mode”. This will make you play against other players in the same league you’re playing in the official Google Play game.
  • Using the boxing star mod apk latest you can personalize your player even more. To do this you should first enable the “customize” option from the settings. Then you will be able to select which features you want to enhance your gameplay experience with:


There are many other modes available in the mod as well. You can opt to play against a random opponent or a specific fighter of your choosing. For a true fan of MMA, you can even pit yourself against famous fighters from the annals of boxing such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Chuck Liddell, and more. The list of available opponents is very large and includes both old and modern fighters such as Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, Joe Lewis, George Foreman, and many more.



Is this an online-only game?

Yes primarily it’s an online game but you can play a small part even offline as well.

Is boxing star absolutely free to use?

Yes primarily it is free to use but for some features you have to pay which are optional and don’t create any hurdles in the progress of the game.

Can we customize our character in the game?

Yes, you can customize the whole look.

Is it a multi-player game?

Yes, it is a multi-player game


Wrapping Up

For all the boxing freaks out there this game definitely has potential exactly what you are looking for. If you like this Mod version of the game do share it with your friends as well. If you got any queries regarding boxing star mod apk list them down. We would love to answer all your queries as soon as possible.





Boxing Star Mod Apk Review
  • Boxing Star Mod Apk


Boxing Star Mod apk unlimited money. This application adds a lot of fun to the existing game, in the form of in-game money. It also gives the gamer the option of creating their own star and going head to head against other players, all while increasing their star level.

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