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Introduction of boxing gym story:

Boxing Gym Story Mod Apk is a role-playing adventure game that is interesting to play and gives some fantastic benefits to our health. This game is suitable for all ages. This game will help you lose weight, gain body fitness and build a large number of muscles.

App Name Boxing Gym Story Mod APK
File Size 57M
Version 1.2.3
Requirement 4.4 and up
Last Updated October 8, 2021

In this game, your objective is to build up your strength by fighting with different boxers in the gym. You have to fight against these boxers with a strong spirit to win the match and become the best boxer in the world. 

Boxing Gym Story Mod APK

What is boxing gym story Mod APK?

The boxing gym story Mod APK gives you unlimited coins to buy all the items required in the boxing gym story game. You can also upgrade your character in this way, and it is helpful if you want to win every round of the boxing gym story game. Some of the upgrades will help you get new techniques, and others will give you a boost in energy whenever you need it. The boxing gym story  will ensure that your level does not drop at any point during gameplay.

There are two kinds of energy in this game: physical energy and mental energy. If one falls below a certain point, then your character will lose health points, and he may even die if there is no energy left in him. The game is well-designed, the animation is smooth, and the graphics are well-made. Now you can download this game for free. You will feel like you are in an actual boxing arena as you use your skills to knock out your opponent.

Game features:

There are many boxing gyms globally, but not all of them are equal. Some provide good training for their fighters, and some don’t.

This game is about one of the best boxing gyms in Los Angeles, which is known around the world. Players can train themselves in this gym and become the champions of the city’s tournaments.

Here are some features of this game:

1. The game has two modes – story mode and career mode;

 2. It has more than 25 different types of exercises that help to make players stronger;

 3. It has more than ten types of boxing equipment that can be used during training;

4.  There are three different types of tournaments – local, regional, and international;

5. The game contains three trainers who have different characteristics and have three different personalities;

6. There are 30 fighters available for selection in this game, each with its unique strength and style. They have 2-3 special skills that help them to win fights. Each one is also characterized by a set of parameters – power, speed, agility, endurance, concentration, etc.; 

7. 15 opponents can be encountered along with the career or during a “quick fight.”

Mod features of this game:

In the game, you will assume the coach’s role, who is responsible for training boxers. You need to unlock new characters and improve their skills. To do this, you will have to spend real money buying virtual currency in the game. In addition, you can download the Boxing Gym Story with unlimited money and gems for free.

  1. Various exercises (dummy, speed bag, focus mitts, heavy bag, jump rope);
  2. Different opponents;
  3. Amazing graphics;
  4. Realistic sounds;
  5. Other locations (gym, beach);
  6. Quick workouts in your home or while traveling;
  7. Stunning backgrounds;
  8. Leaderboards and awards.

How to download and install boxing gym story Mod APK?

It is a standalone app, and you won’t need any other mod for this one. You can download the original version from Google Play Store if you want to. It’s going to be updated regularly with new features and bug fixes. 

1- First of all, you need to download our APK file from the link below.

2- After downloading the APK, you need to go to the setting of your mobile and allow installation from an unknown source.

3- Now, open the downloaded APK file and click on install. That’s it! Now enjoy!


In this game, you can play in a variety of modes, including the Career Mode, which allows you to fight your way up and become a champion, the Exhibition Mode, which will enable you to play against the computer or a friend in one-off matches and Time Attack, where you can replay your favorite fights.

The Boxing Gym Story is 100% free to play; you can get all the in-game currency for free with just a few minutes of work, which means you don’t have to pay a dime to enjoy the entire game.


Q: Why do you have to pay coins to upgrade your fighter?

A: It’s the only way to get more gold.

Q: I don’t want to spend money on coins; why can’t I earn enough gold?

A: You will earn a lot of gold in-game, but it’s not enough after a while.

Q: I got stuck in the story mode; how can I finish it?

A: Try to collect all the gold in each stage. Sometimes you need them to open a new area.

Q: How can I get more stamina?

A: Upgrade stamina, and get some energy drinks for free from friends or purchase them from the shop.


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