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Play the top-rated tower defense franchise in this free head-to-head strategy game.
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Bloons TD Battles APK:

Bloons TD Battles APK are showing a distinguishable battle strategy with unique warriors and rivals. People will find themselves in a unique position and form of players. The theme of the game is fighting, just like other games, but it will show you something different that you would have never seen. In this game, the players are monkeys, and these monkeys have to fight and oppose their opponents to protect themselves.

A tower is a base of the player to which these players (Monkeys) have to protect from other rival teams. The things which the players have to destroy are the balloons, and in the game, these are named Bloons. Every player has to protect the base tower to make himself strong. The players have to destroy the bloons before they enter the base. Otherwise, they will lose the round or mission of the game.

Bloons TD Battles APK

Bloons TD Battles Apk have almost similar gameplay as Bloons TD 6 and Clash of Clans. But. the warriors and the opponents are different. If the bloons have reached the main part of the defense tower of the rivals and they had not exterminated them, you will be the winner of that round. Moreover, the controlling of the game is just by scrolling over the players (Monkeys) or rolling over them to move them from one place to another part of the base. Bloons TD Battles have many modes, including Assault, Defensive, and Battle Arena. You can prefer any of these modes with your likeness. 

Bloons TD Battles APK Download

The simply explained method of downloading the Bloons TD Battles Apk is given in the steps. 

  • The link for the Bloons TD Battles is shared above this article, and this shared APK file is safe for all androids. 
  • Tap the link to the APK file to download the file on your android device. 
  • Check the device security option to confirm its permission that will allow the installation of the APK file. 
  • Open File Manager of android and scroll to reach the downloaded files. 
  • Click the recently downloaded Bloons TD Battles APK file, and it will start installing. 
  • Start the application after the installation process finishes. 



The game has 3D graphics with clear and transparent visuals. The background and theme are so so clear that they will look pictorial. The monkeys, the colorful balloons and the theme will give the entire game an enticing look. 


The game controls just include scrolling over and rolling over the monkey to shoot them or move them. The monkeys will be shifted to the point of attack by scrolling over them. 


Monkeys are playing the role of players in Bloons TD Battles Apk. They will eat food, fight against their rivals and help the players to win the game. The food for these monkeys will be obtained from the victories of the players and bypassing the rounds. 


Bloons in the game act as the thing to be destroyed to get a victory. These bloons must be destructed before they reach the base so that you will not lose the round. The speed of the bloons will increase with the level, and you have to destroy them quickly.

Bloons TD Battles APK

Monkey Towers:

A monkey tower is a place or unit which will act as a force to defend and protect the base. These monkey towers will help the players to destroy their rivals. Almost 22 towers are seen in this Bloons TD Battles Apk game. 


Bloons TD Battles Apk game has 27 tracks that will engage the player in their fascinating beauty and thrill.

Bloons TD Battles APK


Upgrades are important to win the rounds. As the level of the game increases, the speed, power, and number of the bloons increase, which will not give you time to destroy them with low-power weapons. So, the upgrade of weapons is necessary to win and destroy the bloons as quickly as they rush towards your base. 

Playing Modes:

The players have both options to play the game in single mode or multiplayer mode. It depends upon the choice of the player and which mode he wants to join.

Game Modes:

Three game modes to entertain the players. 


This mode permits you to directly attack your enemies to annihilate them. The speed of the bloons will be enhanced by 20% after round 30. You will see the offensive gameplay here. 

Battle Arena: 

This mode allows the players to compete and combat with many players that are strangers to them. The best players in this arena will have increased ranks and achievements.

Bloons TD Battles APK


This mode will present every player with money to increase their defenses. The high defense will show a high rank. And, the high defense will come from the income. 


  • Android device with 5.0 API (Application Programming Interface). 
  • Internal Storage of 110MB. 
  • An excellent internet network. 

Bloons TD Battles Modded Unlimited Bananas

The monkeys in the Bloons TD Battles Apk , who are playing the role of the players in the game need food to full their energy. Bananas are the food for these monkeys that you have to earn by getting win rewards. The bananas that you get as rewards are not enough to always feed your monkeys. So, the mod version has offered Unlimited Bananas for the players to feed the monkeys anytime to keep them fully energetic to kill the enemies. 

Bloons TD Battles Best Towers

The best towers in Bloons TD Battles include: 

  • Ninja tower
  • Sniper Tower
  • Spike Factory
  • Bomb Towers
  • Landout towers

Bloons TD Battles Strategies

Some winning strategies are the following. 

  • Effective Towers – Use these towers in the last rounds. 
  • Downdraft – Mobe the Balloons to starting point. 
  • Razor Rotors – Rip up more number of Bloons
  • Don’t let your enemy generate income. 

Bloons TD Battles Tips

Some tips that will aid you in winning against your opponent are here. 

  • Avoid the weakest tower named Tack Shooter. Because your enemies will easily destroy it. 
  • Use Ninja or Sniper towers that are not easily destructed. 
  • Use Moab Maulers to shoot and obliterate the MOABs. 
  • Join towers to get powerful towers. 

Bloons TD Battles Unblocked:

Bloons TD Battles Mod APK Unlimited Money:

No doubt, this feature is just excellent and will help the players to get upgrades and items for the game. But, this feature of Unlimited Money is only associated with the mod update. You will not find it with the typical version of the Bloons’ TD Battles. This Unlimited Money will never end even if you are using it continuously. So, start shopping for your favorite items in the store.

Bloons TD Battles APK Latest Version:

The latest updated version of Bloons TD Battles came on Aug 24, 2022, and it was v6.16. This version has many new things to make the players happy. For example, 

  • New Towers
  • AntiBan
  • Upgrades

Bloons TD Battles APK Size:

The game contains only 103 normal MB, neither heavy nor light. It will not hang your device and does not show crash issues.


Bloons TD Battles Apk involve fighting but in different ways. Monkeys will fight to rescue the base and earn points to get more powerful warriors. The rewards will help to get some food for the players to keep them energetic. The game has modes to keep the audience entertained and excited.

Additionally, the mod premium features are a thing of attraction for the players as they get paid items with no money. The achievements, rounds, and missions will increase the level or rank of the players and help them to get rewards and bonuses. The annoying and interrupting advertisements have been removed from the Bloons’ TD Battles. 

What's new

Battle on the edge of oblivion in a new map: Bottomless Pit. A little vertigo won't stop the Bloons so you'll need to make the best use of the tight turns and choke points to repel their advances. Just be careful with those whirlwind apprentices!



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