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Introduction of Blitz Brigade MOD Apk:

The Blitz Brigade MOD APK is an action-packed team-based multiplayer shooter that brings out your inner soldier to the battlefield! The power to create fortifications at will allows for strategic gameplay like never before as you create a cover for yourself and your team or risk running into the fray with no protection.

App Name Blitz Brigade MOD Apk
File Size 49MB
Version 3.6.2a
Requirement 4.1 and up
Last Updated January 11, 2021

No matter what play style you prefer, there is something for everyone, with five unique classes and many different weapons, abilities, items, and equipment! Show your competitive ranking system skills or enjoy a casual match with your friends or strangers.

Blitz Brigade MOD Apk


The Blitz Brigade was developed by Gameloft, well known for its high-quality game content and good service. The whole game is full of fun and humorous elements. The Blitz Brigade is set shortly, and you can do whatever you like in the game; shoot, destroy or even build your fortress!

But this MOD APK has more advantages than the original one: Higher damage, more extended range, infinite ammo and more powerful weapons. Just enjoy it!


Blitz Brigade Mod APK is one of the most popular online shooting games. It is highly rated by many gamers and has managed to secure a good position among them. Often, there are new versions of blitz brigade MOD APK that are released with different features, but it depends upon the players which one they like most.

Different Modes:

There have been many updates to the game, which has led to the creation of many versions of it. The earlier versions were not as attractive as they are now. One of the biggest reasons for its popularity was that it had an offline mode in which a player could play even without having an internet connection. This enabled a player to enjoy it from anywhere he wished.

As many players can’t access the internet on their devices, this version was ideal for such players. However, with time, it got removed, which led to its rapidly reduced popularity. At present, you can only play using an internet connection and hence, you need a stable internet connection at all times to enjoy the game without any interruptions or problems.


  1. The game supports multiplayer gaming with up to 16 players.
  2. There are different types of weapons available in the game, like rifles, grenades, and pistols with different types of ammunition.
  3. The game offers different modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, and more.
  4. The controls are simple and easy to use; you can use them even if you are a beginner.
  5. Blitz brigade MOD APK allows you to customize your characters as per your choice, like changing guns and uniforms according to your taste.
  6. You can earn experience points in this game by winning matches or completing missions that help you level yourself up and unlock new weapons as soon as possible.

MOD Features:

Our MOD for Blitz Brigade includes many advantages, such as:

  • Unlimited Money;
  • Unlimited Diamonds;
  • Unlimited Coins;
  • Special Weapons;
  • Damage Increase;
  • Ammo Increase;
  • Extra Weapon Ammo On Spawn;
  • Infinite Special Weapon Ammo On Pickup;
  • Invisible Crosshairs (now you can shoot better);
  • Infinite Special Ammunition (Flares, Rockets, Grenades).


Blitz Brigade is a free-to-play, third-person shooter developed by Gameloft. It’s similar to the other games in Gameloft’s library – think Heroes of Order and Chaos or Modern Combat 5. However, Blitz Brigade has a few rather unique features that make it stand out against those games.


Q: Is there a limit to how many blitz brigade MOD Apk resources I can collect?

A: There is no limit to how many blitz brigade MOD Apk resources you can collect in the game, and they are unlimited in number.

Q: What should I do if my game is not working correctly?

A: If your game is not working correctly, try deleting and reinstalling it.

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