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Black Border is a border cop simulator game that simulates the life of a real border patrol officer . In this game, you assume the role of a police officer of the border present at the entry and exit gates of the country you work and live in. You the player is supposed to check the passengers' papers and stop the smuggling of illegal items and bribery.
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Oct 12, 2022
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Black border game APK:

Game lovers have almost tired of all the games of almost every genre available on the internet. Today’s topic of discussion is unique if you want to become a police officer then this gaming application is literally for you. This application Black border game APK is of the simulation genre, thus one can enjoy the realistic vibes of the police department. Don’t wait anymore, just read the article to download the application in the first place.

Black border game APK

 Black border game APK Gameplay.

  • Black border game APK is an online simulation game that is about a police officer.
  • The police officer has recently cleared his exam and has been recruited into the police department.
  • The major task of yours being the police officer is to protect the border of the city which is Altai.
  • While being on duty, check all the people passing through the gates. This task is quite challenging as you have to take control of any corruption activities such as smuggling.
  • This application is introduced for PC devices but by 2020, the developer has introduced the version for android devices for which the requirement is 5.0 and above.
  • This simulation gaming application is developed by Bitzooma Game Studio.
  • Download the application and enjoy the thrilling plot by facing all the drug dealers and other mafias working secretly in the city.
  • Coming the main plot of the game is that, whenever anyone wants to enter the country for some work purpose, you have to check the papers of that person. At this stage, your conversation matters a lot. This conversation makes the plot of the game.

Black border game APK Features:

Black border game APK is enough simulation for all the police department roles lovers and after playing this game, their cravings will be a bit satiated. The main features of this gaming application are as follows : 

Perform your duties keenly:

The major task you have to perform in this game is that you being the player who is the police inspector at a patrolling booth, check the papers or documents of the people entering your territory. All you have to do is perform your duty with focus as there are many criminals hidden in the face of civilians.

All you have to do is to check some basic details and information on the papers which includes names, passport expiry, match face with their identity card, and full body scan for weapons, bombs, or other illegal items. By performing such duties with honesty, you can control the illegal activities at the border or drug smuggling.


There are almost thousands of characters around the player but almost 50-100 have a direct impact on the player. These characters make the storyline with the players. All the characters are designed in a unique way which will give amazing essence to the game. Through simulation effects, one can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Black border game APK

Opposition characters:

There are also opposition characters available in the game which are the backbone of this game, making the whole story of the game. These opposition characters belong to corrupt organizations that want to weaken the roots of the country.

Now the future of the country depends on your shoulders, if you let these corrupt people do their illegal work, you will also become one of them. But if you will stop them from doing such activities in the country then you will be working for the betterment of your country.Maybe you like these similar game BattleGround Mobile India .

Overcome the illegal temptations:

While the negative powers would be in action, they will also bribe you with a heavy amount of money but now the ball is in your court whether you will support your country for good or help these corrupt people for wrongdoings.

Moreover, you will be in a shortage of money as you will have responsibilities of your family expenses on your shoulders. In such circumstances, you will feel very deep pressure in saying no to such bribing. Your decisions will make the outcome of the story. End the story with your mindful tactics according to your wish.

Proceed with your work with hidden identities:

No matter which side you are on, you must hide your real face and identify so that people cannot recognize you and harm you in any way. If you are at the side of the ruling party, then you must hide your identity and thus you will get a very serious piece of information from the corrupt mafia and their next actions.

And if you are on the side of opposing parties, then you will be able to know all the activities of the mafia and as a result, you will get yourself indulge in the mini-games so that you will be in the position to send encrypted messages which cannot be leaked or read by anyone else due to the encryption.

Challenging situations:

Being a Police officer, you are always surrounded by challenging situations that will reveal the dark conspiracies of society to you.

  • Your job as a police officer is not easy as it seems.
  • You have to be very active and vigilant in doing all the chores against the opponents.


Graphics of Black border game APK are quite dark and shady which gives the simulation effects of a very dark corrupt environment. The combination of dark red and black will give the vibes of the illegal mafia with which you are dealing, it seems like you are working in an undercover society where everything seems to be risky. Download the application and enjoy the cool graphics of this application and feel the realistic vibes offered by the gameplay to the fullest.

Black border game APK

Black border game APK – Latest version:

The latest version of Black border game APK is the highly updated version of this gaming application which is v1.2.23 which was recently updated on 9 July 2022.

The mod APK version is considered to be the cracked version of the application thus the player can enjoy all the premium and pro features of the application to the maximum level. The major MOD menu includes unlimited money which will make the life of the gamer easy in the game whenever he wants to upgrade the level of the game, with the usage of money.

Moreover, enjoy the ads-free, bugs-free, and anti-ban effects in this latest version to have a smooth experience while playing the game.

Black border game APK – Download:

If you are someone who wants to experience thrill and suspense in the dark and shady environment of corrupt mafias, then this game is all about serving you amazing gameplay to just satisfy your cravings.

  • This game is now available for Android devices whose major requirement is to have version 6.0.
  • Now, if you are in the state of mind to enjoy the application to its core then you are welcome to download the application from our website.
  • The procedure is quite simple and easy so that one will not find any issue while downloading the gaming application on his android device.
  • Moreover, the link is given on our website, just press it to download the application. The process will be completed in a few seconds.

But if your android device is showing some kind of resistance while installing the application then you must have activated the external sources downloading first from the settings of your device. This will let you download the mod APK file of the gaming application within a few minutes.

Black border game APK

Black border game APK – Limitation with many versions:

Some players are facing the situation of being banned as the application is not running, saying that you have an illegal version. But we are sure that you will not have to face such issues as this mod APK version has in-built anti-ban effects which will allow you to play the game without any worry and obstacles.

Black border game APK – Conclusion:

To put this gaming application into a nutshell, one can enjoy the simulation of a police inspector’s life and fulfill his dream of living the life of a police inspector. The only task is to check the documents of the people and make the right decisions at the moment. Don’t get attracted by worldly items and stuff as only honesty matters. Download the mod version of the Black border game apk and enjoy unlimited money with free premium features without any hassle.



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3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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