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Race and have fun against millions of players. Speed up the wheels and get ready for fun!
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Bike Race APK:

Enter the world of stunts with the real excitement of a bike race apk! People of every age have an interest in playing racing games. Some play these games in their free time or when they are feeling boredom while others play; because of their passion for such racing games. The young generation is especially passionate about such thrilling games as they want to fly their bikes irrespective of considering others on the roads which is at least not possible in their real lives.

So, they accomplish their dreams by playing such games and performing many stunts that would be dangerous if they are performed in reality. So, they cannot take these risks that will be the cause of ending their lives. In such a world full of risks, many app developers have designed fascinating and captivating racing games for such people to make them feel merriment and joy.

Bike Race apk is also a motorbike racing game like Bike Racing 3D with somewhat distinct gameplay and modes.  In the Bike Race apk game, players never feel boredom as the modes, tournaments, achievements, bikes of newest models, duel modes, challenging and risky tracks, and addictive worlds always keep the players engaged. Each world in Bike Race apk  has different tracks, gameplay, and environment, and the player can ride a motorbike in any world or map whenever he wants.

Bike Race APK

Bike Race Mod APK:

Bike Race Mod is a game update with all premium features unlocked without money. This version will save the player from spending money. This update is a hack version of Bike Race apk as it has unlocked all those features that otherwise would be unlockable with cheat codes or hacks. With this modified version, you will not need any hacked version and codes. In Bike Race Mod, the provided premium features include: 

  • All Motorbikes Unlocked. 
  • More game lives. 
  • VIP Unlocked. 

Bike Race Mod APK Download:

If you are unable to find the Bike Race Mod Apk, you can download the application by using the APK and following the elaborated method of downloading and installing it. 

  • Check the permissions of your device if it has allowed the installation of apps from unknown sources. 
  • If the device has not been given the permissions, allow it as the APK files are third-party sources. 
  • Use the above download link to download the APK file of the Bike Race apk. 
  • After the download of the APK file has been completed, search it in My Files of the android. 
  • Tap the Bike Race APK file to install the game on the android device. 
  • Launch the Bike Race apk game and start exploring superbikes.



The game has three-dimensional visuals and graphics for giving an enchanting look of the game for the players. The maps are fascinating. The background and theme of this game attract the audience. 


In Bike Race apk, the bike can be controlled using simple controls such as 

  • Tilt the device or phone for side movements. 
  • Use touch controls – Right touch to increase the speed or to accelerate. 
  • Use Touch controls – Left touch to lessen the bike speed or for the brake. 


Ten superbikes in the game are offered to the players for their fun. Some bikes are unlocked, and others are unlockable. 

Unlocked Bikes:




  1. Army
  2. Acrobatic
  3. Ghost
  4. Police
  5. Super
  6. Halloween 
  7. Ultra
  8. Thanksgiving
  9. Santa 

Unlockable Bikes: 

  • Gold
  • Girl
  • High Tec
  • Retro
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Maps or Worlds:

Eight worlds or maps in the Bike Race apk game entertain you with different gameplay and environment. So, you can discover or explore any world of your choice on your favorite superbike. 


Almost 69 tracks are displayed in the Bike Race apk game, and all tracks or roads are challenging with different hurdles or obstacles to test your expertise in bike riding. You have to cross all the hurdles with skillful manners to win the games.

Bike Race APK

Game Lives:

The game has three lives at one time. If a player uses all three lives and wants more, he can get them but with a trick. 

  • When you have one life left, you have to open the home page of the game. 
  • After opening it, again start the new game. 
  • The lives will be regained without any trouble. 


Stars are included in the rewards of the game. Players can earn more stars to unlock superbikes or to purchase items. These stars are obtained when the players win the races. Each bike requires a unique number of stars, and the requirement of stars changes with the model of the bike. 

Playing Modes:

The player can play the game alone or with friends. The player can add friends and play in the multiplayer game to compete with the other players in a race. But, this multiplayer game demands the internet, while the single-player game can be played without any internet. 

Game Modes:

Two game modes are available in the Bike Race apk game. 

Duel Mode:

This mode permits the players to ride the bike and start the race with a friend, either a game friend or a real-life companion. 


These are added in the last version of Bike Race, and it allows the layers to ride the bike in a competitive race with people online. You always need excellent internet for this. 

New Additions:

  • Tournaments added. 
  • Fixed Bugs


Bike Race requires, 

  • Android with 4.4 OS (Operating System) and above. 
  • storage of 40MB in the internal storage of the android. 

Bike Race Developer:

The bike Race developer is named as Top-Free Games. He is continuously releasing versions of the game for the fans to keep them entertained and excited. 

Bike Race Mod APK All Bikes Unlocked:

All bikes get unlocked if you install the mod version of this interesting game. Unlockable bikes are provided in this update without money. No one has to spend pennies to get these superbikes, as the developer has unlocked them all. 

Bike Race Mod APK Unlimited Money:

The currency of Bike Race is Unlimited Money which the players may use for purchasing items, maps, bikes, or tracks. You can purchase the customization items for your lovely bike. This Unlimited Money is offered in the mod version and will never be exploited completely, no matter how many things you shop from the store. 

Bike Race Cheat Codes:

Cheat codes of Bike Race can be applicable for getting extra game lives and unlockable superbikes. But, for now, no codes are available for this Bike Race. You can get these things for free by the mod update of the Bike Race apk. This update has presented freemium features.

Bike Race Mod APK iOS:

The iOS store does not have a Bike Race game. So, you cannot have a Bike Race on your iPhone. But, if you want this game on iPhone, you can follow the method to access it. 

  • Download and install an android emulator on your iPhone. You can have the BlueStacks on your iOS. 
  • Download the Bike Race APK by using the above link. 
  • Open the emulator software on your iOS and install the game APK file with this software. 

Bike Race Mod APK Latest Version :

The recent version of Bike Race that the developer had released v8.0.0, and was declared on Sep 03, 2022. This version was a mod update with all premium features and a piece of big news for the ardent fans and audience.

Bike Race APK

Bike Race APK Size

The game size is not large, and it will allow the game to be downloaded and run on every device with the normal-end operating system. The APK size of Bike Race is only 35MB. 


Bike Race apk is an interesting and enthralling game for all people and has a huge fan list. It has many updates with additions. Tournament modes have been added in the recent update to permit multiplayer gaming, and you can add your friend from Facebook or the game. This game can be played, even in the absence of the internet and with a poor connection. The game includes bike stunts for pouring thrill, excitement, and energy into the players. The gameplay is so addictive and engaging that it becomes impossible for the players to get separated from this bike racing game. 

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