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Introduction of Bee Factory Mod Apk :

The bee factory Mod Apk is a very interesting game to play. In this game you have to produce various types of honey using your creativity and intelligence. The more the honey produced by you, the more points you will get. This game is very simple to play but it offers great fun to the player when played. The graphics of the game are also very good and they give the player a feeling that he/she is a beekeeper who produces honey by working hard.

App Name Bee Factory Mod Apk
File Size 18M
Requirement 4.4 and up
Last Updated September 4, 2021

what is a bee factory mod apk:

Bee Factory is a popular game on online platforms. The objective of the game is to build up and run your own factory that produces honey. With each passing level, you can unlock new facilities such as beehives, tanks and loading bays. You are required to work hard in order to get your honey factory running well. Constructing new structures and increasing your production capacity are vital in succeeding in this game.

Bee Factory Mod Apk

In the game you can collect honey, breed queens and workers, harvest pollen and produce wax. There are different types of trees, each with its own production level of honey. In order to get honey you need to be patient and harvest your bees, not just kill them as soon as possible. The bee factory is a location for producing honey and wax. To get it, you must go to the Beekeeping page.


The gameplay of the bee factory apk for android is quite simple and easy to understand even by novice players. The first thing that you will have to do in this game is choose a location for your factory from many different available locations. Then you will be able to hire workers and train them at your factory in order for them to learn how exactly they should perform their jobs.

After you hire some workers you will be able easily manage all aspects of your factory as well as generate more income through its various activities such as making honey or royal jelly with the help of machines provided in your factory.

Features :

  • Simplistic graphic and smooth gameplay.
  • There are many different types of bees.
  • Special weapon for the bees.
  • Bees can evolve into a new species.
  • The worker is the most important bee in a hive. They are the producers of the hive, who convert pollen into honey.
  • The scout goes forth from the hive to find new sources of pollen and nectar.
  • The guard bees protect the hive from intruders and predators.
  • The queen is the only fertile female in a colony of bees, who lays all the eggs for the colony. New colonies generally start with one mated queen bee. She can live several years, during which she will lay thousands of eggs.
  • The drones are male bees whose only purpose is to mate with new queens that emerge from their mother’s hives. After mating season ends, most drones die because they have no work to do.

Mod Features of Bee Factory Mod Apk :

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Honey and Pollen
  • Unlimited Energy
  • No More Countdown Timers
  • Ads Free Version, No Need To Pay For Expansions!
  • 2×2 Grid, 4×4 Grid and 5×5 Grid Layout with Different Looks!
  • New Theme “The Beach” with Relaxing Music!
  • Unlock 3 Mod Levels for Each Theme with Increasing Difficulty!
  • Use Different Combinations of Bees, Plants, Pesticides and Decorations!
  • Best Graphics and Gameplay! Simple, Fun & Addictive!

How to download and  install:


  1. Click on the download button
  2. Your downloading will be the start
  3. Go to your device settings and enable “Unknown Sources”. If you already have “Unknown Sources” enabled, skip this step.
  4. Download  Mod APK and install it (it’s better to install mod APK with mobile data or wifi connection, in order to avoid download ads).
  5. Run Mod APK and start playing with unlimited everything


This game is very interesting and very fun. You will not want to stop playing this game. This game is very safe and easy to play because there is no virus in it. You will be playing with your friends or family and they will enjoy it too. Try to collect as many honey without getting stung by the bees.

You have a lot of help in this game. The bees are willing to help you in your way, but beware of the queen bee because she will hurt you a lot. This game is also good for kids because it can teach them how to work hard in order to achieve their goals. As in life, sometimes you need to work hard in order to reach your goal and this game can teach them that.


Q: Which mod do you have?

A: I have the Private Hive Mod which allows you to make a private hive in the game!

Q: Do you have bee factory unlimited diamond and money?

A: Yes I do, for a cheap price!

Q: Can you make me an offer?

A: Yes, just leave a comment on my profile and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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