Battle of Polytopia mod apk All Unlocked

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Battle of Polytopia mod apk

Battle of Polytopia mod apk This is a 4X strategy supporting game about village life. In this game you have to build up your village as an advanced area. You can play it with two different modes. You can play as a single player who conquers different tribes to enhance his kingdom. You can also play it with your real-life friends. I will tell you about all the features and functions of the “Battle of Polytopia mod apk”.

App Name Battle of Polytopia mod apk All Unlocked
File Size
4.4 and up
Last Updated
19 Jul 2022

Battle of Polytopia mod apk download

1: You have to delete its old or premium version before downloading the mod version.

2: Go to the “Settings” of your android and enable the option “Unknown Source” to download its mod version.

3: Follow all the steps carefully.

4: Click the download link given above the site. Don’t become impatient by clicking the link multiple times.

5: Wait for 2 to 3 minutes to download.

6: Tap the install button after the download is completed.

7: Now, you can open and play.

Battle of Polytopia mod apk


  • Selecting Tribe:

Battle of Polytopia mod apk You will find 15 different tribes, but you have to select one of them. All the tribes have different qualities and weaknesses. You can only play battles for the people of your tribe. You will be the king of your tribe. It’s your responsibility to make them progressive and powerful by winning the battles.

  • Maps:

When you start playing, a map will automatically appear. Every time you play, a unique map will appear. You will never see the same map again.

  • Modes:

You can play Battle of polytopia in two different modes.

           1: Single-player mode

2: Multiplayer mode

In single-player mode, you are the only king of your tribe. You have to win all the battles to rescue your people. The game will become more difficult and full of adventure at the end. But you will enjoy it a lot.

In multiplayer mode, you can invite your Facebook friends to become the warriors of your tribe. This mode is like a match between two teams. You have to defeat the opposite team, otherwise they will become the owner of your land. Moreover, you can play games in portrait and landscape mode if you are feeling any difficulty while playing.

  • Sound effects:

The sound inside the game is noisy. It will give you a realistic environment of wars and battles.

  • Graphics:

Battle of Polytopia mod apk provides you with cute poly graphics cartoon-like warriors. The highlights and graphics of the game are amazing. It will bring you into the world of fantasies.  Small little tribes and green backgrounds make it attractive to play.

  • Offline game:

 The game provides you with an interface that can be played offline. But if you want to unlock some special features, then you need an internet connection.

  • Easy to use:

Battle of Polytopia provides a user-friendly interface. So everyone can understand it at the first trial.

  • Massive Kingdom

Battle of Polytopia mod apk In this game, you have to select a tribe. Further, you will perform some tasks and challenges to make your kingdom more vast.  You have to fight and conquer more land and tribes. You can make your kingdom massive by increasing the population of your tribe.

Battle of Polytopia mod apk on PC

1: If you want to use this application on your PC, you have to download an emulator to run the application. Bluestack is the best emulator for using this application on your PCs.

2: If you already have bluestack on your PC, then skip the step given below.

3: Search for a bluestack emulator on your google account. 

    Click the download option. Downloading will start.

4: Wait until the download is completed.

5: Install the bluestack emulator.

6: After that, open the bluestack and type Battle of Polytopia  Mod apk in the search box.

7: If results do not appear, then Bluestack automatically gives you the option to search for it on the Google Play store. 

8: Tap to download and wait for 4 to 5 minutes. Don’t exit before completing the download.

9: Click the install button to run this app on your PC.

10: Now you can use it on your PC.

Battle of Polytopia mod apk latest version

The latest version of this application is Battle of Polytopia Mod apk ( It was recently updated on 14-June-2022. It has a storage of 98.29 MBs.


It is fully compatible with all Android and iOS devices as well as all the operating systems like Windows, Linux, Apple, Mac, etc. 

Battle of Polytopia mod apk online:

Its mod version unlocks more features and options for online players. But you cannot play it online.

Owner of Battle of Polytopia:

Battle of polytopia was released on 4-February-2016. It was developed by Midjiwan AB.


Battle of Polytopia mod apk As mentioned above, the game is full of adventures. There are 15 different tribes in this game, but you will get only four tribes for free. All the tribes have unique qualities and weaknesses. If you want to unlock all the tribes, you have to pay for it. 

After selecting a particular tribe, you have to fight for the people of your tribe.

In single mode, you are the only king of your tribe. You have to rescue your people from the enemy tribe.

Moreover, I have explained all the features, tips, and tricks of using this gaming application.

You can download the Battle of Polytopia mod apk by clicking the link given above this site.

Battle of Polytopia mod apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we play Battle of polytopia offline?

Yes, you can play it offline. But if you want to use its advanced features, you must have internet access.

Is Battle of Polytopia popular?

The overall rating of this app is 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.  Moreover,  it has more than 10 million downloads all over the world.

Is the Battle of Polytopia free?

Yes, you can play it free of cost in the mod version. But if you want to play in online multiplayer mode, then you have to pay for it.

Is the Battle of Polytopia safe?

Yes, this application is totally safe for your device but you have to download it from a trusted site.  Because some sites are made by hackers.

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