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Introduction of badland brawl mod apk:

badland brawl mod apk. Badland brawl is a game that can be played on android phones. This game has been released by Congregate and it has been developed by Frogman. The gameplay of this game is very similar to the other games that have been developed by the same team. They also have games like “Badland” and “Badland 2.”

App Name Badland Brawl Mod Apk
File Size 153MB
Requirement 4.4 and up
Last Updated 14 December 2021

Just like the previous games, you will need to survive in a world that is full of danger. The game will let you control a character in a way that you will try to save yourself from different dangers. 

Badland Brawl Mod Apk


Environments are very dangerous in this game and you will not be able to escape them unless you use the right strategy. This game has beautiful graphics and you may enjoy playing it on your android devices if you are interested in enjoying new games.

The badland brawl gameplay is very interesting in its nature. You will be able to play against many people online if you want to compete with them or if you just want to kill some time by playing this game. In order to control your character, all you need to do is swipe on your screen. You can play this game on your android smartphone or tablet as long as it has a good operating system and hardware configuration.

How does it work?

Badland Brawl is an action-packed multiplayer brawler game for mobile. In this game, you get to play as a cute little character and fight against other players in different scenarios. As you progress in the game, you can unlock new characters that are more powerful than your previous ones. The combat system in the game is very simple and the controls are very easy to learn.

Tapping the screen causes your character to jump and double-tapping makes it fly towards your opponent. You can also make it punch by swiping it down on the screen. The combat system of Badland Brawl is quite similar to games like Minion Rush or Jetpack Joyride.


The graphics in this game are very nice and its art design looks very appealing. It seems like the developer has put a lot of effort into making this game look good because the characters, levels, and scenery look fantastic. This is not a big surprise considering that Badland was already one of my favorite mobile games of 2014 with its beautiful graphics and great gameplay.


This game will definitely bring a lot of fun if you like fighting games or competitive multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. 


Explore 5 different game worlds with multiple game modes.


  •  Crush your enemies in 4 different game modes
  • Enter mystery rooms and find treasure chests with exclusive items for your Baddie!
  •  Unlock exclusive skins for your Baddie by winning games or completing special events!
  • Collect 10 different hats for your Baddie, which give them additional abilities and powers!

This is one of the best fighting games which has got a lot of positive reviews from its users. If you are looking for some good action games then I would recommend you to try Badland brawl out because it is full of action and adventure. The graphics of this game are very good and they look realistic as well. You will have to fight with evil monsters in order to save your village.

MOD Features:

1- Have a look at the map – Play online if you want to win!

2- You can use these cheats only once – Use your cheats wisely!

3- Be careful with the rocket launcher – It might be used against you!

4- Use your special powers when necessary – Summoning a bird is not always a good idea!

5- Make sure that you’re always ready to attack or defend – Don’t get surprised by an enemy attack!

6- Pay attention to what other people are doing – Try using your skills together with those of your teammates!

7- Always keep a close eye on how much energy you have left – Don’t let yourself run out of energy in the middle of a fight!

How to download and install?


  • Click on the download button 
  • Your downloading will be the start
  • Go to setting and enable unknown resources
  • Unzip Mod File
  • Install Game
  • BOOM, Enjoy!


Badland Brawl Mod APK is an action video game where you can play with your friends, either offline or connected to the internet. The gameplay is very simple since all you have to do is to kill all enemies that appear on your screen. The only way to do that is by jumping and attacking them. As for the controls, you will use them with a single finger, which makes it easy to play this game.


Q: What are the main features of the badland brawl mod apk?

A: There is no main feature. It contains all features present in the original game.

Q: Is it really free?

A: Yes, it is absolutely free to download and install.

Q: Do I need any other software to run badland brawl mod apk?

A: No. You don’t need any other software to run this game on your android phone or tablet. You just need a working internet connection and google play store on your device. 


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