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Anime games are very popular these days but this game Attack on Titan: Brave Order APK literally stands out from the crowd of its type. Make sure to play this game in order to get a warrior feeling. This game is famous for its graphics and the fact that it is based on manga.
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Oct 18, 2022
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Attack on Titan: Brave Order APK:

Anime games are very popular these days but this game Attack on Titan: Brave Order APK literally stands out from the crowd of its type. Make sure to play this game in order to get a warrior feeling. This game is famous for its graphics and the fact that it is based on manga. Yes, this game is based on an actual manga that got very popular. So, to get the experience of the manga you must play this game.

It is sure that the graphics of this game will be very much like the manga. The characters are also almost the same which gives the users a very homely vibe if they have already watched the manga. Isn’t it amazing that you can control the characters of manga by just playing a game?

Attack on Titan: Brave Order APK

The manga name is the same as this game and the players will love this game. The other name of this game among the Asian people is “Shingeki No Kyojin”. Be able to control the characters of an army that is related to walls. Be the one to take a part in amazing and deadly battles against the vicious monsters that are very dangerous for humans. They are deadly and are here on Earth to end humankind.

Make sure to destroy these monsters and become the hero of the game. Save the people from these invaders are you are good to go. Apart from monsters, Titans are also present in this game. And obviously, they are the enemy of humans. You must kill them along with the monsters.

As this game Attack on Titan: Brave Order APK is officially a manga written by Hajime Isamaya. So, the graphics of the game will be amazing and will give you the same real feeling. So, make sure to enjoy by noticing the surroundings and make use of it when fighting with the enemies. You will take part in deadly battles that will occur in different parts of Paradis Island. Be strong and work hard in order to compete with the extraordinarily vicious Titans. You will not be alone in the game, there will be other characters as well. The characters include.

  • Armin
  • Mikasa 
  • Eren

These characters will take part in the battles and will make the enemies die easily as they are very strong.

Attack on Titans: Brave Order Apk Download:

You can download this game on your Androids easily by following the given steps.

  • First, you must tap on the “Download “ button that is available on our site and the apk file will start downloading.
  • After the download is completed, make sure to allow “Unknown Sources” from the phone setting in order to allow the downloading from a third-party app.
  • Now, open the apk file that is downloaded and click on the “Install” option and the installation procedure will be started.
  • After the installation of the app is completed, open the game and start playing it and make the enemies leave your homeland by showing your amazing skills.

Attack on Titan: Brave Order APK

Attack on Titans: Brave Order APK Features:

These are the features of this game.

Easy controls:

The controls of any game must be easy so that the players can easily adapt these controls and play the game without the worry about the gameplay and anything. So, this game has very easy controls and the users will get used to them in no time. This is the feature that makes me play a game. People prefer games with an easy user interface. The players can easily access anything by the touch screens and they will get used to it.

Speed the game:

The users are even allowed to speed up the game so that they can enjoy every feature of the game easily and quickly. As there are some parts of the game that take a lot of time to load. The things like storytelling will also pass with 2x speed and they can play the game easily without any distraction.

Save the world from 200 feet tall titans:

This feature is actually the gameplay of the game Attack on Titan: Brave Order APK. The users have to fight with titans and various monsters that can harm them. These titans include every type of vicious and creepy creature. So, be ready to fight with these creatures on the battlefield. The players are not alone in the game. There is a team of a hero who has to save the world from the villains. Maybe you like these similar game Vampire’s Fall Origins RPG.

Entertaining deadly battles:

Yes, the users will take part in hundreds of amazing battles. The two opponents are very strong and can beat each other. That’s why the game is so popular. This will help the users in playing this game and make their fantasy of fighting with enemies into reality. There will be battles in different places as the titans will attack various places.

Plan the best tactics:

The users must choose among the characters in order to beat the enemies. These characters have different specialties and they have their abilities. The players are very much skilled in their special quality. So, choose wisely among the three characters to beat the respective titan. This will make the game very interesting.

Attack on Titans Character Development Path:

The users of this game have to choose from the 4 directions that are based on the player’s character Development. These are 

Attack type:

The players should choose this direction for character development when they have to play a battle in which they have to bear a lot of damage and hurt. And they can even help the players in running fast and cross the path in small time. This will make the titans lose as they are very slow.

Defensive type:

When it comes to long runs and big paths, the defensive type is preferred so that the hero can not get tired and still remain able to fight with the Titans. The titans are very big and harmful so be careful when playing the game.

Attack on Titan: Brave Order APK

Supportive type:

This direction is also almost the same as that of the defensive type and is preferred when it comes to running for long distances. So, use this direction in the recommended areas and situations. 

Recovery type:

The name itself represents that this direction can be used when the players have to do any kind of recovery. This direction is preferred when the character is hurt and has wounds. This direction makes them heal fast and they recover in no time. 

All these directions have their own strengths and weakness so make sure to study these things before using a specific character.


This game Attack on Titan: Brave Order APK is based on very famous mangs that allow the players to play with the characters of that famous mangs. Choose from the amazing characters who have their special features and skills. They can destroy the Titans in no time. Choose to be a hero and save your world from the deadly and vicious Titans and monsters that can destroy your kind.

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