Amazon Prime Video APK for Android to Watch Your Favorite Shows

App Name Amazon Prime Video APK
File Size 29.1 MB
Requirement 5.0 and Above
Last Updated Jan, 2021

Nowadays everything comes with a price. You have to pay the price to acquire it or use it for yourself. Just like you have to pay for food, shelter, and clothes, you have to pay for entertainment as well.

In this era of advanced technology, people often find it more comfortable to watch their favorite shows on their smartphones instead of televisions. There are a lot of online media streaming services that allow its users a great dose of entertainment.

One such app is Amazon Prime. It’s quite famous, you probably have an idea about it already. But did you know? Amazon Prime has an alternative version that does not require you to pay any sort of charges. This app is called Amazon Prime Video APK.

Amazon Prime Video APK

If you are looking for a free entertainment service with maximum features and zero cost, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the features and other details about Amazon Prime Video APK.


What is Amazon Prime Video APK?

Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime is a trending entertainment app that can be used by paying a certain amount of fees every month. In return, it provides you with top movies and TV series which you can watch anytime.

Launched in 2008, Amazon Prime was initially available in the USA only. Fast-forward to 2020, it is available globally for everyone. To use it, you have to pay monthly subscription charges. But if you install its modded version, you would not have to pay any sort of charges at all.

The benefits and the features of this app are the same as Amazon Prime. The creators have developed the app according to the user’s demands. You are not even required to login from your account, just download and install it and watch your favorite content for free.

Amazon Prime Video APK Features

Before you decide whether you should download it or not, learn about its features. Hopefully, it will be enough to make your decision. The main features of this app are described as under:

Download Media

With this amazing app, you will be able to download any video that you like on the app. However, keep in mind that you have to watch it before it gets deleted. Once a video is downloaded, it will remain in the downloads for 30 days. After 30 days, it will be deleted automatically.

Share Your Account

As this app is a competitor of Amazon Prime, it offers the same features. You can share your account with three other people on three other screens. Hence, many people can benefit from the same account by using it.

Privacy Control

For parents of young children, you can have privacy on your account by adding the parental code on your account. In case, the children gain access to your device, they won’t be able to open the account because they cannot enter the parental code. In this way, you can make sure your privacy is maintained and your children are not exposed to adult content.

Turn on the Subtitles

It also enables you to turn the subtitles on or off according to your preference. If you want a voice in your native language and subtitles in English, you can do that too. If you don’t like subtitles, just turn them off.

Auto Play

One of the epic features of the app is the option to autoplay. It means that if you pause the video and resume it again after some time, it will start automaticity from the exact scene where you paused it.

Amazon Prime Video APK Downloading and Installation Process

Here is a detailed procedure to download and install this stunning app. If you want to know, keep reading the following steps.

  • Click on the given link to download it.
  • Turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ from the settings, it will help you download the app.
  • Now, install the app on your device. It might take a while so be patient.
  • Once the installation is completed, you can open the app and enjoy all the remarkable TV shows and Movies.


Is this app the same as Amazon Prime

Yes. They both are similar in terms of features but the apk version is better in terms of benefits.

Is it safe?

It is safe if you have downloaded the link from a genuine, trust-worthy source. But if the website is not authentic, then it may have a virus that can harm your device.

Can we download it on iOS?

Unfortunately, it cannot be downloaded on iOS as it was specially developed for Android devices. We recommend you to download it in Android only.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have covered all the necessary information about Amazon Prime Video APK. The best thing about it is that it won’t cost you your precious money. It is free to watch. It doesn’t ask for a username and password, you only have to download Amazon Prime Video APK and watch your favorite videos on the go!

Amazon Prime Video APK Review
  • Amazon Prime Video APK


Amazon Prime Video APK provides you an access to your favorite shows to be watched on android devices without paying any penny.

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