Adventure Communist Mod Apk 6.6.0 (Free Upgrade/Unlimited Money)

App Name Adventure Communist Mod Apk
File Size 69 MB
Version V6.6.0
Requirement Android 5.0 +
Last Updated October 2021

Adventure communist mod apk is a game where your duty primarily is to grow as many potatoes as you can as your path to your glory is directly proportional to the number of potatoes that you would grow. Apart from growing potatoes, your other duty would be the management of resources which are the production of different state resources consisting of weapons, ore, land, potato, and medicine. You have to buy specialized workers which will get these resources automatically.

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Adventure Communist Mod Apk

Adventure Communist Mod Apk

Adventure communist mod One of the most popular mods of this game is the Adventure Communist Mod, which adds a variety of new content to your game. In this mod, you will find a whole new world map with different mission environments and quests. You will also get to enjoy the new skills, outfits, weapons, etc that the comrades can acquire as they complete quests and other assignments. The mod also enhances the vanilla game by adding the ability to see the comrades in the third person. Furthermore, this mod also includes new vehicles such as the tank, chopper, glider, and the Gundam-like Mobile Suit.


  • The mod’s story revolves around the fight against the Earth Federation and the evil General Ashford. After capturing Ashford’s ship, the mysterious Doctor Eva was taken captive on the SS Santa Fe. As the only remaining survivor, she vows to help the resistance fight against Ashford and the Empire. Meanwhile, Doctor Maxwell forms a secret cell inside Santa Fe and starts to use the android knowledge and resources to further the cause of the resistance. This is where the adventure communist mod features many of its own missions and stories.
  • The first thing you can do when using the adventure communist mod hack is to get hold of the Resistance Android’s download. Inside it, you will find all the items, skills, and upgrades that you need to complete the various quests and other assignments. The Resistance downloads give you three free gifts every time you level up, and two more free gifts if you recruit five of the other members of your team. The rewards are used for purchasing items and repairing the stolen transport ship, which will earn you credits.
  • Unlike the story of the mod, in the real-life, there is no limit to the number of people you can befriend. In this version though, you have a limited number of friends. You also can’t purchase any of the items or perform any of the actions on the bus. This makes the journey even more exciting. It also features unlimited comrades, which can be changed at any time.


Since the aim of the game is to help the resistance, you have to perform many duties while playing the Android idle games. For example, while choosing a potato, you have to choose wisely, otherwise, you will only end up picking potatoes that have very low quality. The adventure communist mod also features many different idle games, which means you can try different ones and find out which you like the best. For example, you may want to try picking potatoes that are orange, red, or green.

The way this particular game plays involves the usage of an Aboa clicker. These are small creatures that have the ability to follow you around, and that you can use to carry things and open doors. They also have the capability to listen to you and understand commands. As a result, you will not have to say anything, just wave your clicker and the little leader will do the rest for you.

Download guide

  • To download and play the adventure communist hack android, you should first download the Google Android game from Google Play.
  • After that, you should open the downloaded file and install it by clicking on the “mod” tab on the settings.
  • Finally, you should close all the applications and settings that you are currently using. Before starting the game, you should remember to turn off the antivirus, as well as the location services, so that your computer will be protected.



When starting the game, you have to collect all the ingredients for food, energy, and water. After completing the collection quests, you will also have to complete quests, which will teach you how to build water towers and factories.

Ways to earn money

To earn money, you should repair, build an office, and produce products. If you have built the factory successfully, you can sell the products at the marketplace. The above-mentioned strategies will help you get unlimited money, rare items, and weapons in the adventure communist clicker game.


What should I spend gold on?

The best investment would be to buy periodic supreme capsules whose prices are 750 gold.

What will we get after an event?

You will get rewards that will eventually help you reach a particular leaderboards milestone.

Is there any compulsion to complete all the missions?

No not really you are free to do what makes you fun.


Wrapping Up

Adventure communist mod apk is a fun game overall to keep you excited. So if you like constant excitement and fun must download this game and share it with your friends as well. If you got any queries relating to this game then please let us know in the comments section and we will respond to you as soon as possible.










Adventure Communist Mod Apk Review
  • Adventure Communist Mod Apk


Adventure communist mod One of the most popular mods of this game is the Adventure Communist Mod, which adds a variety of new content to your game. In this mod, you will find a whole new world map with different mission environments and quests.

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