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Introduction of 3D Tuning:

3D Tuning game is a brand new style of online shopping. It’s an online game for car lovers, and it allows you to select your favorite car and change its appearance in your own way. You can change everything from the wheels to the paint job, and every detail is up to you. You also get a chance to compete with other players and see how they change their cars.

App Name 3D Tuning Mod APK
File Size Varies with device
Version 3.7.90
Requirement 4.0 and up
Last Updated January 11, 2022

This is a great way to earn money, as you can sell your personal designs through the game or trade them with others.3D Tuning Game offers an interesting twist on the classic model of online shopping, making it fun and easy for you to create your very own custom car model. And there’s so much more you can do with this amazing new website.

3D Tuning Mod APK

You can share your design with friends or even sell it if you want some extra cash. If you don’t want to go that route, you can always trade your design with others on the site instead. The main point is that this is a great new way to have fun while getting exactly what you want!

What is 3D tuning Mod APK?

3D Tuning Mod Apk is an app that lets you tune any vehicle on your own and have it run like new. If you have been looking for an easy way to tune your car all by yourself, this app will definitely aid you in achieving that goal. This apk can be used on Android devices with 2GB RAM or higher, so rest assured that it will work flawlessly on your Android device.

Tuning cars has become a very common practice because it adds a personal touch to your car, which in turn gives you a sense of pride. The only problem is that some people could not afford to get their vehicles tuned professionally, so they resort to tuning it themselves.

However, tuning a car yourself can be a tricky and risky task even for the most experienced car enthusiasts out there. To help you with this problem, we have the perfect solution for you. This is none other than the 3D Tuning Mod Apk!

Game features:

3D tuning game is one of the most popular games, which makes you become a professional car mechanic. You can enjoy the process, practice your talent, learn some tricks and have fun in this game. It is really a cool game. 

The most important features are as follows:

Excellent design: 3D tuning game has excellent design, which can help you achieve your dream to become a professional car mechanic. In the game, there are so many different cars for you to choose from. Different models will bring different challenges for you and make the game more interesting.

Amazing challenges: 3D tuning game has amazing challenges, which will make this game full of fun and exciting. After challenges are finished, your scores will be shown on the ranking board. If you want to be on the board and get high scores, you need to use your wisdom and skills to finish these challenges.

Vivid experience: 3D tuning game gives you a vivid experience while playing it. Each challenge will let you enjoy different kinds of fun. And with the best design, this game is easy to learn but hard to master. You must use your wisdom and skills to finish all challenges in the shortest time possible and get high scores on the ranking board.

Mod features of this game:

The stunning graphics of 3D tuning mod APK will bring a great experience to you. The car interface is more realistic. The contour lines are more accurate, and the shadow effect is more vivid than the original design.


  1. Tuning vehicles
  2. Customization of the game
  3. High-quality 3D graphics
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Realistic physics
  6. Full life cycle tuning: change a body, wheels, tires, springs, shock absorbers, transmission, engine, and much more.

How to download and install 3D tuning Mod APK?

3D tuning Mod is an amazing modification for everyone who likes cars, racing, driving, and tuning. To download 3D tuning Mod APK, you need to follow a few simple steps that will help you to get the game in a minute!

If you truly want to get this game and make your time more interesting, you should follow the given instructions:**

  1. Search here for the application that you want to download or pick one of them in the list below:
  2. Download and install it on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Enjoy playing a new version of your favorite game with cool mods!**


3D Tuning Mod is the best drifting game for android. The game has a wide range of sports cars and tuning parts. You can choose from the provided sports cars or make your own car by adding tuning parts. The game features ultra-realistic graphics, real sound effects, and very simple control.


Q:Is this a free app?

A:Yes, it is. This is an unofficial version of 3D tuning Pro APK for Android. It’s not published on Google Play, but you can download and install it easily – just follow the instructions above.

Q: Does this works for a limited time or forever?

A: For forever, we have tested it for a month, and it works.

Q: Do I need to root my phone?

A: Yes, you need to root your phone.

Q: Does it work on all phones?

A: It is said to work on all phones, but we do not guarantee that it will work on yours.


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